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I’ve been quite deliberately silent on the knitting front…no more!

I give you…

…the Thorpe Brigade!

I knitted these for my suitemates and two other close friends as holiday gifts. The funny thing was, I knitted them in front of all of them and each commented at least once on how cool they were or how they’d love to have a hat like that (they mostly thought I was doing them for charity or somesuch).


Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur (Through the Loops)

Yarn: Sundry, including Mmmmalabrigo worsted and some Mission Falls wool

Needles: US 9

(I made the snowman up at the top of this picture, too)

There’s some more frenzied gift knitting going on at the moment which I cannot show yet so I leave you with this picture:

(Yes, there are five hats and one is missing in this picture – it’s owner was excused because she was studying for the three exams she has today and tomorrow)


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