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I know I really need to take knitting pictures (there are some more on Ravelry if you’re interested), but hopefully this will suffice for the moment.

On that note, Stitches was (as usual) phenomenal. I bought a lot of yarn and related doohickies and took some awesome classes.


And ten thousand more to go…
-James Taylor

So we biked outside today. And we have these new pedals with shoes that clip into them so you get more power on the upstroke…

I think the last time I fell off a bike, I was eight. And I was a lot closer to the ground. This is going to hurt tomorrow. More than it does already, that is. Well, off to rehearsal. And missing the swim banquet.

P.S. It would hurt less if you donated…all this would be worth it! *winks at sidebar*

Time travel to…