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I know I really need to take knitting pictures (there are some more on Ravelry if you’re interested), but hopefully this will suffice for the moment.

On that note, Stitches was (as usual) phenomenal. I bought a lot of yarn and related doohickies and took some awesome classes.


1. Being a little fish (academically speaking)

2. A clean slate (socially speaking)

3. Living somewhere new!

Just random thoughts.

Also, the Hemock Ring blanket is done, and I blocked it, but I didn’t stretch it enough, so it’s currently blocking again. That is all. Over and out.

In bullet, form as inspired by Samantha‘s many intriguing posts like this.

  • I’m leaving tomorrow for Bulldog Days at Yale. I hate packing, because I always think I’m forgetting something.
  • I’ve decided that if my pattern gets published in Knitty (no, I still haven’t heard from them), I’m using part of the $1,000 Intel check (which finally came in the mail a few days ago!) to buy an SLR camera. These two things seem unrelated, but there is a thin thread of logic connecting them: a) I love blogs with amazing photography. b) It’s easier to take amazing pictures with a good camera. c) If I get published, I anticipate blog traffic increasing a lot. d) I want people to like my blog.
  • I’m thinking of changing the blog’s name/theme, but every time I think I’ve thought of an original, clever name, I Google it to find that someone else has gotten it first. So I’m still thinking. What do you think of ‘Flying Monkey Knits?’
  • It’s hard not to think about next year all the time. I’m madly excited, bittersweet, sad, and terrified, all at once. Yes, I am aware that this is totally normal. Excited: to get a MacBook for graduation, to finally be consistently challenged for the first time, along with a whole bunch of other people in totally over their heads together, to live on my own (ish), to live somewhere new. Scared/sad/etc.: to leave the school I’ve attended since I was 4 and LOVE, to leave my friends, to be in totally over my head, to live on my own (ish).
  • I should study for AP’s and stuff. It may or may not happen. So it goes.
  • This is my 99th post (!), and the blog so far has received 250 comments. Whoah.
  • I should spin more. Maybe this summer…which, incidentally, is going to be insanely busy…
  • I don’t have any more bullet points, nor do I have any photos. Bad blogger.

Okay. So today was Ivy Day (ALL the Ivies release their admissions today, although I’d already heard a yes from Dartmouth). Guaranteed drama right there, right?

I was hanging out at school with the visiting glass artists, trying to make stuff and not freak out, but gave that up around 4:50 (decisions supposed to come out 5PM or later, Harvard via email, Yale and Brown online), since my stomach had a growing population of butterflies and I was jittery, which is not a good state of being in front of a ~2000 degree flame. Circa 5:01 I borrow my friend E’s laptop to check. BAM. Rejected from Brown. BAM again 30 seconds later. Rejected from Harvard.

REELING. OUCH. Now PLEASE don’t take this the wrong way because I’m pretty sure I’m not an arrogant person, but I was an Intel Semifinalist (one of 300) and got a perfect ACT score (one of 176 on that particular test, don’t know how many for that year). My GPA is 3.96. By the end of this year, I’ll have taken 8 AP exams, and have gotten 5’s on the three I’ve already taken. I biked 100 miles to support cancer research. I sent them a CD of advanced violin repertoire and improvised music. WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE WANT?!

Needless to say, I was pretty crushed. I called my mom to let her know, and (to my credit) did not cry at all. She was pretty shocked. About three minutes later she called me back. “Are you SURE Brown rejected you? You can’t write to them and get onto some kind of waitlist or something?” She was clearly more desperate than I, or more hopeful. I explained that it seemed pretty definite but admitted I hadn’t read much more of the letter past ‘we regret to inform you…’ I gave her my Brown and Yale admissions ID’s and passwords so she could see and check, respectively, since E was leaving and I wouldn’t have laptop access.

Perhaps ten minutes after that, my phone rings again. I put down the molten glass to answer, and she says, “You’re in!” I was completely confused – did she have some secret Brown connection?

“No, YALE!”

Swoop. “Thank freaking goodness.”

So I had an interview scheduled for 10:00 today, and it was all very clear on location/time/etc., but I waited half an hour and he never showed up! …I was stood up by a college interviewer! Seriously, now…

On a different note, this is my first post ever from the WordPress for iPhone app, which is moderately nifty.

Well, that’s all for now, I guess. Lace scarf’s chugging along and I’ve been swatching like a madwoman for the previously mentioned secret design, so no interesting pics to share, although I haven’t missed a Project 365 day yet. Over and out!

P.S. While waiting at Starbucks for The Interview That Wasn’t, I did make the rather exciting discovery that I’m pretty sure I’ve memorized all sixteen rows of my lace chart…well, either exciting or a little sad, depending on how you look at it, I guess…

Noticed I really like ellipses…? ;)

I was pretty down on myself the last couple of days. After slogging through the majority of the essays for my safeties Tuesday evening and just digesting for awhile, I’m a bit more in perspective. Although I still REALLY hope I get in regular decision, I could certainly survive as long as it doesn’t come down to actually going to one of my safeties…

Knitting and elf picture to come Friday or over the weekend!

I find out tomorrow evening whether or not I’ve been accepted to Yale.


STITCHES! Yeah, we went. Again. I think that’s the fifth or sixth year in a row. And guess what? This year, Rick Mondragon (flamboyantly gay and rather gross editor of Knitters’ Magazine – no, I’m not a homophobe, I promise – he is just gross, making really sick jokes and stuff) actually remembered me, despite my having been in the student fashion show every year I’ve been there and even winning the $100 Editor’s Choice one year! *sigh*

Well, can you guess what I showed at the fashion show?!

Yeah, I FINALLY finished that mystery shawl. And it’s gorgeous!

The color’s best in the first one. Specs:

Pattern: Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl – Mandala

Needles: US 3, Addi lace needles (wonderful contraptions, them)

Yarn: Helen’s Lace by Lorna’s Laces, about 2.2 skeins or so

Now I’m starting other gift knitting, despite the temptation of the two (yes, only two!) projects’ worth of yarn for myself I got at Stitches:

Manos silk blend for a scarf like this:

And Habu for a simple pullover thing:

Yeah, apparently that’s enough. Incredible, huh?

Classes? Heck yes!

Friday: Argyle Socks in the Round with Suzann Thompson – really fun and a pretty nifty technique to make seamless argyles, although a bit tedious. Product:

I gave it to my mom as a glasses case because she forgot hers and was using a sock that she brought to wear on a foot…and I knew I was never going to make the other one of these because the proportions are all weird and it would never fit anybody. Plus, the gauge is a bit wonky.

Saturday: Lapland Hand Garments with Susanna Hansson (who is a wonderful teacher and hilarious) – seriously cool and gorgeous technique, but really frustrating for me because of the tiny needles making my hands and wrists really sore and giving me a headache. I didn’t get very far on this project:

But it was supposed to look like this:

And now back to the frenzy of homework, college apps, and hopefully finishing that Intel application in time…

P.S. This was the assignment from my glass teacher for missing class:


Even though it was a total lie. :D

Because right now, my life has been TAKEN OVER by college. Which isn’t to say I haven’t been knitting. It’s just not terribly prolific and I haven’t had time to take pictures. I’m about a third of the way through the edging on the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl, and I PROMISE I’ll post pictures of that once I finish (and it’s for a Christmas present, so I have to). I’ve got some plans for other giftly knitting, and still have to put my Halloween costume for the school parade (bag of jellybeans, idea courtesy of my cousin).

As far as college apps go, they are progressing. My early action application paperworky stuff is all done, but I haven’t submitted it yet because I’m hoping to get a violin recording together as well as my paper from my internship this summer. I have an essay I adore (about knitting, of course!), and one that I’m pretty happy with. My overall list is down to 12 schools, which isn’t bad, but I’d like to whittle it a bit further.

Stress has not been treating me kindly, however. I’m sick for the second time this school year already, you could probably find the Big Dipper on my forehead, and even when I get 9 hours of sleep, I’m still tired the next day. I can’t WAIT until this is over.

Sorry, that was rather glum. I’m not actually as down-on-myself as I sound, although I am freaking stressed. This morning, I was going to practice violin, but then realized I’d left it in my mom’s car and she was at Sunday School with my sister. Then I was going to work on my internship paper, but I couldn’t because I’d already sent off the latest version to my advisor and he hasn’t sent it back yet. I was going to do homework but I left my backpack at school after the concert yesterday so I don’t know what the Spanish essay topic was, and that’s all I had left. So without any work to do, I was aimless. What did I do with my free time again? But then I remembered – I could work on my college list. So after poring over three books, one magazine, and infinite Google searches for an hour…I cut one school off the list.

Advice to juniors out there: Start preparing junior year, or at least the summer between junior and senior year. SERIOUSLY. Everyone told me to, but I didn’t. Now I’m paying bigtime.

YET ANOTHER REMINDER: Pleasepleaseplease enter my contest!! Remember that you have a chance to win even without donating – just by spreading the word! Although the prizes are more probable and better if you donate to this totally great cause…

Here I shall document my road trip around New England to visit various colleges. Pretend I posted them as separate daily entries…

Day 1, Sunday: The trip from home to Williamstown was uneventful, besides for about ten pages of history notes being taken, and my not having to drive because of taking said notes. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), I think I have enough work to last for all the hours of this trip, and so won’t have to drive. But won’t get to knit much either. Also, on the trip up, the possibility of making the Knitters’ Pilgrimage to Webs was raised…and I am excited.

We checked into the motel, where a very nice Swedish guy recommended a restaurant and showed us a map of the town – which is pretty much the campus. I didn’t realize that, but it’s kinda neat, methinks. We went to dinner at Spice Root, a nice Indian place. My mom got carded when she tried to get wine! It might’ve just been because it’s a college town and all, but it was still pretty funny. The food was really good – I had my Indian standard, chicken tikka, and something new and interesting – ginger lemonade. It was actually pretty good – the ginger wasn’t too overwhelming, just enough to make the lemonade taste a little different. On the walk back to the motel, we stopped at ‘the ephporium’ (the Ephs is the name of the Williams sports teams for some reason…) because we saw a sign outside proclaiming ‘gelato,’ but it turned out to be some Haagen Dasz in a cooler…ah well. However, in there, I saw this, which was amusing:

Notice how they all recommend classy stuff like ciabatta, and then Lara recommends Ring Pops. I’d like to meet Lara…

Day 2, Monday: We spent the morning touring Williams – mascot: a purple cow! That’s pretty nifty. It was a really appealing place – apparently, the food’s excellent. Oh yeah, and it’s really rigorous academically and gorgeous and all that, too. This afternoon, we went to Amherst – we took a tour and went to an information session. The info session repeated a lot of what our enthusiastic tour guide told us, but was still really interesting. Amherst’s main appealing points for me were their membership in the Five College Consortium, so you can take classes at any of the other four nearby schools (with free bus service) and you can also get books out of their libraries; and their open curriculum – there are no course requirements! The food, however, didn’t get quite as good reviews. So I don’t know if I’d be able to choose between those two right now – b/c you can get library books from like a gazillion different colleges from Williams, too…and they have a cool mascot…and good food…

Amherst: option of courses at other schools, slightly closer to civilization, open curriculum

Williams: better food, purple cow, better chance at single dorms, one-month intensive study during winter term

They have pretty much everything else in common, including a fierce rivalry, school colors, total enrollment, general rigor, campus-wide wifi, etc…

More significantly – we went to Webs! It was pretty amazing – it’s huge! I saw a bunch of new yarns and stuff, but the coolest thing was that they have pretty much every color of all the yarns they stock, which makes for a great selection and incredible-looking displays. However, I resisted almost all temptation (and believe me, there was a LOT) and only bought one $2 pattern. Huzzah!

Tomorrow, we’re heading to Hanover and Dartmouth to tour the college and visit my cousin who goes there – we’ll probably take him out to lunch.

Day 3, Tuesday:Dartmouth was nice – about three times bigger than the ones we’ve seen so far, but it was nice to catch up with my cousin. We took him to a little place in Hanover for brunch/lunch, and he gave us an informal tour of the campus, during which we got a bit lost and ended up in the business school when we were looking for engineering. Fortunately, it was a nice day, so it was fine. Dartmouth is pretty in a much more majestic sort of way than the others – the buildings mostly match, there’s a big green, etc. Oh, but funny story – Dartmouth was founded originally to educate Native Americans, but for the first 200 years or so failed miserably. Then when they got this new president they dedicated all this money, and now apparently have a bunch of native students. With these millions of dollars of endowment, they wanted to create some kind of monument to this. With all that money, this is what they managed to do:

A pile of rocks in front of the admissions office.

Between splitting with my cousin and going to the info session, we got to wander around Hanover, such as it is, a bit. We went to a great Barnes and Noble and I got Maximum Ride 4, of which Alethia and I will have joint custody – she’s been looking for it for AGES. And by ages, I mean the week+ since it’s come out…The info session was not so fascinating, though – I’m glad I had knitting.

Then we drove up to Portland. We’re staying with relatives there and visiting Bowdoin (for some reason, pronounced BO-den) tomorrow. They have a pretty lighthouse there:

Day 4, Wednesday: Bowdoin was really cool! Apparently, they’re rated top in the nation for their food, and the campus was really pretty, in a more Amhersty way. Also, they’ve got Mathematica on their computers! Nerdfest! Honestly, I have no idea how I’ll ever decide on a college – all the ones we’ve visited so far seem too good to be true – like little utopias, where everyone there is taking classes and such because they want to, and they all actually care. And the general atmosphere is so cool.

On the way back, we visited Spunky Eclectic‘s brick and mortar store – fantabulosity. I came out with some roving (I’m picturing socks) and very nice silk lace yarn (shawl):

And hanging out with relatives has been cool – my grandma, uncle, and two cousins are here (the aunt’s out of town, getting in tonight).

The story of the day – I have a much stronger kinship with cats now. My little cousin (third-grade) was giving me the grand tour of their yard after my mom and I went running, and she somehow convinced me to climb one of their trees – she wanted to see how high I could get. I was pretty good at climbing trees when I was smaller, and I was still pretty good today, except maybe thirty feet up, one of the branches I had used to get up broke. I saw ways to get higher, but decided against it – I didn’t even know how I was going to get down. It took awhile, my mom and cousin coaching, and my uncle’s reassurances that at least it was a nice day and he could send up some food for dinner, but I eventually got down. I didn’t, because there were pine needles everywhere, but I felt like kissing the ground. Seriously. For a bit there, I was worried we’d have to call the fire department or something…

We’re staying in Maine tonight, too, then driving back down to Boston to see Haaahvard and MIT – neither of which I can really see myself attending but I want to see anyway.

Day 5, Thursday: Well, we made it to Harvard and had a great tour there – I liked it a lot more than I expected – they’ve got so many sweet study abroad programs and such. But I’m really bad at Boston, and so we didn’t make it to MIT in time for the tour. We’re going to check that out tomorrow before heading home.

We also visited two knitting stores in Cambridge – we’ve decided that we should try to see as many knitting stores as we do colleges…teehee.

Day 6, Friday: Home! Final score – colleges beat knitting stores 6-5. We visited one more store (Colorful Stitches in Lenox) on the way home, but since we saw MIT this morning, colleges still won. MIT was pretty cool, but I still can’t see myself going there. I just like the atmosphere of the small liberal artsy places better for some reason.

I did end up having to drive for a bit, but it was mostly highway and cruise control, so it was okay.

P.S. If anybody watched the iPhone keynote, or probably any other Apple introduction of a new product, THIS should be most amusing.

Time travel to…