• I got a Nikon D3000!! I’ve only taken 5 pictures so far, but once I get some awesome ones, I’ll obviously share. I’ve been too nervous to take it outside yet, since I don’t have a case or screen protector yet (do have a UV filter though).
  • My professors/lecturers keep doing awesome stuff! One got a genius grant, one demonstrated some important quantum mechanics thing that I don’t understand, and one of my discussion leaders’ husband got a Nobel Prize!
  • I got an A- on my first English essay and my first midterm! Yayy!
  • My entourage came for family weekend and refilled my food drawer, among other things.
  • I have a supercomfy foldup chair!
  • I’m basically on top of/ahead in all my classes, which is good because I’ll have approximately no time to work this weekend due to Saturday being completely sucked up by a club swim meet for which I have to wake up at the obscene time of sometimebefore6AM.

It’s true. It’s probably because tomatoes and I don’t get along; I need to find a fellow white pizza fan.

Phew, TGIF everybody! It’s weird, every week here seems to go by really really fast, but completely burns me out at the same time. Fortunately, since my weekends are fairly relaxed, they don’t seem to go by quite as fast.

I’m particularly glad for this weekend to be here (and as I have only one class today, it’s essentially here for me :D). Yesterday was an unfortunate day. To start, even though I slept eight hours, I was supertired for no apparent reason. So to keep from falling asleep between classes, I decided to go investigate why a package that the tracking website claimed had been in New Haven but ‘in transit’ for a week and a half hadn’t found its way to me yet. So first I went to the Master’s Office, which is where it was being shipped to. They told me (again) that I’d get an email if it came in to them. So I called DHL, who told me that they had transferred the package to the USPS since they don’t serve this area. Next, I went to the post office, waited in line, and asked the lady at the desk. SHE said that they had transferred it to campus mail (which incidentally, I’ve never even heard of!) and since 1,300 other freshmen had made the same ‘mistake’ I had (granted, I did exactly what the website told me to do in terms of shipping this thing), it would be awhile. I skeptically pointed out that it had been in New Haven for ten days, but she just gave me the same schpiel again, clearly thinking I was mentally impaired or something. Fantastic, right?

The day looked up a bit when I won at intramural tennis by just showing up since the other team didn’t have any girls. Next I lost a SUPERCLOSE IM pingpong match which was unfortunate. Our club swimming ‘coach’ (one of the varsity swimmers) clearly had something to prove today and decided to beat us into the proverbial ground. THEN to top everything off, the lens popped out of my glasses. Fortunately, the screw was still there and no parts were broken. Within half an hour, my friend had appeared with a teensy little screwdriver and fixed it for me.

But I’m really ready for the weekend. :)

Keepin’ the streak alive! I’m having my own little NaBloPoWe here.

Not sure what’s up with the formatting, but I’m contacting Support about it today.

On to my paradox – so here’s how a weekend here typically goes: starting Friday afternoon and going until the wee hours of Sunday morning, everyone’s drunk. And then since it’s Yale and people actually do care about their work, they work ALL day on Sunday. Except I don’t drink. My work gets done on a more reasonable schedule. So then when everyone else is working Sunday, I might be doing some work, but I might also be spinning and watching Secret Life, or doing Sporcle. Don’t click that link if you value your free time, by the way. Anyway, even though this makes NO sense, all this not-working when everybody else is makes me feel like a slacker. Like I SHOULD have work to do. And to compound that, I’m a pretty fast worker and don’t have any reading-intensive courses right now, so my work actually does take up less time than other people’s, which doesn’t help the slacker impression.

Yes, I know I’m not actually a slacker, far from it. But I can’t help feeling like it…

Blah, Monday. I have class basically straight through from 11:35 ’til 2:15, which totally throws off my meal schedule. It’s unfortunate. But Mondays on the whole aren’t that bad. First of all, I can sleep in! Well, that’s really the main good thing about them, now that I think about it. Ah well.

I don’t really have anything in particular to say right now, but I’ve blogged the past 3 days and felt like blogging today, too, so figured I may as well keep up the streak.

My suitemate has me hooked on the Secret Life of the American Teenager…I can’t tell if I actually enjoy the show or just really want to know how the story ends. Either way, it’s a good excuse to sit and spin for an hour or more every day…I’m working on some really fine silk right now which I’m planning to Navajo ply. My goal is to finish spinning it and knit something lacy to be done by Stitches so I can continue my tradition of showing off at the fashion show.

Signing off for now, tata!

So I had an interesting conversation with my roomie last night that got me thinking: I’m kind of obsessed with symmetry. Not in a general sense – I can totally deal with it in photography, paintings, whatever. Just symmetry of me – I like it. A lot. Some examples:

  • If I’m a passenger in a car (I do resist this when I’m driving) at night and another car comes towards us in the other lane with the headlights on, I turn my head as it passes by us so that my right and left eyes are equally assaulted by the brightness.
  • I hate having one shoe tied more tightly than another.
  • When I have a cold (like now) I’d rather have both nostrils stuffed up than the annoying just-one-thing that happens sometimes.
  • A minute or so ago, I was idly poking my thumb with a pencil, and then I had to poke the other thumb, too so they’d feel the same.
  • This makes two of my physical characteristics (a bunion on one foot but not the other leading to weird, asymmetrical blisters after running and such; and my left eye being much weaker than my right such that my right is unnaturally dominant – if I meet your eyes, my head will usually be turned slightly to the left such that just my right eye is looking at you)) even MORE irritating.

On a less pensive/bizarre note, 9:30 PM on a Saturday night is a really fantastic time to do laundry in college if you’re not the partying type. Because clearly almost everyone else is the partying type. My suitemates and I put laundry in and while we were waiting watched Mamma Mia! It was superfun.

P.S. I really like the acronym WYSIWYG. That is all. Wissiwig!

It’s so…floaty!

I like spinning in circles…

Pattern: Mohair Kit-110 from Habu Textiles

Yarn: the incredible habu stuff that came with the kit

Needles: US 4 and 5, I think…

This is a good idea after spinning around for funny pictures, but not a good idea if you dont want leafy crud on the back of your sweater...

This is a good idea after spinning around for funny pictures, but not a good idea if you don't want leafy crud on the back of your sweater...

Overall assessment:


Check out the seethrougness of the SHADOW. :D

Some spinning hopefully coming up, and perhaps a shawl. The sweater out of this yarn is also in the works.

P.S. Ravelry post for this sweater is here.

  • lots of free time, although this can be a bad thing, since I waste a lot of it
  • not being late for things – seriously, my family is late to everything. Since I’ve gotten here, it’s like some alter ego has been unleashed. I’m five minutes early for basically everything. And it’s rather refreshing.
  • my suitemates! We got really lucky, we get along sooo well.
  • my classes, for the most part
  • being in dorkland alllll the tiiiime
  • incredible variety of extracurriculars – juggling club, cycling team, just to name two of my examples
  • that’s the end of the list for now, it’s about the length of my attention span

P.S. Knitting has been happening! But I need to take pictures.

Sorry it’s been sooo long. I was freaking out about college and stuff. Now I’m here, and it’s pretty cool. Here are some pics of my dorm (my bedroom is tiny, but our common room is supernice):

Awesome window seat thing in our common room - difficult pic to take with the sun shining in.

Awesome window seat thing in our common room - difficult pic to take with the sun shining in.

My little desk area.

My little desk area.

My bed (yeah, unfortunately top bunk) and dresser in our teensy room.

My bed (yeah, unfortunately top bunk) and dresser in our teensy room.

The majority of stash that I brought. It only has to last partway through October...

The majority of stash that I brought. It only has to last partway through October...

Also, some knitting has happened…

…although I forgot the edging yarn on this so while I wait for my mom to mail it to me, I’m starting an Ulmus out of some STR. No pics yet, still swatching.

And I like them!

As soon as I saw this pattern, I knew I wanted to make it – fortunately, my darling sister said I could make it for her.

Pattern: Diamond Halter by Jill Gutman Schoenfuss, Knitty Spring 2009

Needles: US4 and 6

Yarn: Berrocco Zen, color 8244

Mods: Instead of making it as a halter, I sewed the straps onto the back like a normal tank because when she tried it on as a halter, the back sagged down (she’s too skinny!)

So right now, I’m super-inspired knitting-wise. It’s all I can do to work on one project for more than 5 minutes. I’m slightly less uninspired to write on this blog, as evidenced by the existence of this post. However, I’m supremely uninspired photography-wise, which is weird because I always admire blogs like b r o o k l y n t w e e d, Coloursknits, and a Friend to Knit With (just to name a few) for their fantastic photography and I KNOW that to get better I need to do it more, but for some reason I just don’t feel like it…it makes me feel a bit hypocritical.

Every once in a while I wistfully browse eBay or craigslist for DSLR cameras, thinking that maybe having a better camera will inspire me more, but then I always decide against it either because I promised myself I wouldn’t buy one until I get a pattern published in Knitty or similar or because I don’t feel like I deserve it anyway since I don’t really work at photography as it is…

I’m not actually feeling as down on myself as this post would have you think, though. Much less so than in previous weeks, in fact. I’ve been knitting, reading, playing badminton, and generally having a cool summer time, and all our Israeli relatives are coming to visit for ten days this Thursday! Some of whom I haven’t seen ever (in the case of some babies) or in a long time! Huzzah!

Time travel to…