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Felix (that’s the camera), Indu (my friend), and I went on a rampage around campus today to take pictures because we had time and it was gorgeous outside. Here are my favorite shots:

In other news, STITCHES ON THURSDAY! Once I’m in the hotel and have space, I swear I’ll block knitted stuff so I can post pictures of them too.

  • lots of free time, although this can be a bad thing, since I waste a lot of it
  • not being late for things – seriously, my family is late to everything. Since I’ve gotten here, it’s like some alter ego has been unleashed. I’m five minutes early for basically everything. And it’s rather refreshing.
  • my suitemates! We got really lucky, we get along sooo well.
  • my classes, for the most part
  • being in dorkland alllll the tiiiime
  • incredible variety of extracurriculars – juggling club, cycling team, just to name two of my examples
  • that’s the end of the list for now, it’s about the length of my attention span

P.S. Knitting has been happening! But I need to take pictures.

AP Week is upon us!

Just thought I’d let you know, because I’ll probably be pretty quiet the next week and a half or so. May resurface next weekend with pictures; this shawl is SO CLOSE to done. But other than that, not much since I’m taking 5 exams. I’m actually not too stressed though because it’s not like my college admission hinges on these or anything. But for all but English I can get exemptions from intro courses so it’s not like they’re meaningless either.

Over and out for now!

A major bout of senioritis hit me today, so when I got home, I played Tetris for 20 minutes, printed my English essay, did a super-half-assed job on my Spanish homework, and then set out to take some artful pictures.

First, we have a giant doily:

Okay, yeah, not that artful, but it was the most color-accurate. And yes, this is Hemlock Ring, which despite it’s apparent intricacy, is deliciously mindless once you get past the center section.

And next (love this pic)…

Lots and lots of beads to thread. The idea here is to make myself a shawl to wear to the prom.

P.S. The knitting around here should be quite productive in the near future due to the aforementioned senioritis as well as an extremely knitting-friendly schedule this trimester (literally four periods that I can knit through almost all the time).

P.P.S. I got accepted to Middlebury today!

So, on a sidenote before I start: About 30 seconds (give or take a couple days) after my homework-whining post, my teachers all decided to simultaneously heap homework upon my helpless senioritis-laden head, leading me to spend an ungodly number of hours this weekend working on sundry pointless things, and barely knitting at all. Sadness.

However, on to happiness.

I WANT one of these! My mom and I were fantasizing about just such a thing a few months ago and even contemplated attempting to design one. But this is way cooler than anything we’d have come up with. It’s not available yet, but I’m snatching it up the second it is! And $20, too! Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s really cheaply made. I’d gladly pay at least $30 for it though, assuming it won’t fall apart.

In other news, I bought yarn for the first actual full-size version of the Secret Knitty Design. Hopefully it’ll come out well the first time and I’ll be done in time to submit it to the Spring issue. My mom volunteered to test knit it for me once I’ve actually written the pattern.

So, the title has virtually nothing to do with why I’m actually writing this post, but is utterly true nonetheless. I’m on a total artisticky tear recently – really into my glass stuff at school, designing knits (working on two different patterns at the moment), and suddenly actually inspired to play violin. But completely uninspired academically. Which, fortunately, doesn’t matter too much because a) I force myself to do it anyway, even though it’s often quite half-assed, and b) IT’S THE SECOND HALF OF SENIOR YEAR, SO IT DOESN’T MATTER!

I think senioritis is manifesting itself in the form of total right-brain dominance. Oh well, I’ll embrace it!

Anyway, to the actual topic of the post.

I know it’s a bit of a fad recently, and I’m not generally into jumping on the bandwagon, but seriously:

~picture from Kate

Can you really resist that?

I don’t know what I’m making it of, but I kind of have to make this sweater.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. :)

That morning, before getting on the bus (yes, dressed like that)

At school:

This kid put ACTUAL FROSTING on his face.

This kid put ACTUAL FROSTING on his face.

Senior choir rehearsal (picture taken from pit)

Senior choir rehearsal (picture taken from pit)

My friend jumping off the radiator.

My friend jumping off the radiator.

Me, trying to imitate her...

Me, trying to imitate her...

...not quite as successfully.

...not quite as successfully.

Alethias bf and my good friend, Frosty for the day

Alethia's bf and my good friend, Frosty for the day

Alethia, the Christmas tree

Alethia, the Christmas tree

The slippers (which you can kinda see there) were quite slippery.

The slippers (which you can kinda see there) were quite slippery.

Close-ups of elf shoes:

I’ve been on a mad finishing spree, and don’t really feel like posting all the pics here, so if you want to see my fabulous holiday labor, check out my Ravelry page.

I find out tomorrow evening whether or not I’ve been accepted to Yale.


Guess what? I wrote my (hopefully) LAST college essays today! If I don’t get in early at Yale, I’ll have to do the safety ones, which won’t be fun. So I HOPEHOPEHOPE that those were the last ones. Now I just have to finish Alethia’s Dartmouth peer rec.

Anyway. On to fun, crafty things. Yesterday when we got home from school, my little sis and I decided to make ourselves duct tape dress forms. She wrapped mine a bit too tightly, so by the end I definitely would have passed out if I tried to panic or run anywhere. But they’re pretty nifty, nonetheless.

Here we are, goofing off for the camera while working on them.

(The shirt said ‘Bill Clinton for First Lady’ – I thought it was funny, even though I supported Obama all along…)

After the first part:

And guess what mine’s stuffed with…?

Big surprise, no?

And she’s finished! What should I name her? Suggestions in comments.

Also there’s been a holiday knitting frenzy! Check this out:

For more than just snippets, check out the Ravelry pages for these lovelies.

Keep on the lookout for elf costume photos. At school, the last day before break, all the seniors dress up as elves. I’m planning a fairly…nonstandard one, shall we say. ;)

I am utterly swamped. Who convinced me to take all these AP’s again? Oh yeah…that would be moi.

Senioritis looms and it’s only September.

Time travel to…