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This is something I’ve noticed lately.

Most immediate example: It was POURING while I was walking up the hill towards lab today. And it was so windy my umbrella broke in several ways I hadn’t thought possible (RIP friend). BUT rather than a miserable soakfest, I saw this experience (at the time, anyway – sitting in lab soggily for the next 3 hours didn’t feel quite as awesome) as an epic battle of me vs. the elements – all because of the music I was listening to.

Does this happen to other people?

Music can make me happy, revved-up, nostalgic, almost anything. Now that I’m at school away from my music friends (whom most of my music reminds me of), it also makes me miss people. In a happy way, usually. It’s when I’m not listening to anything that I miss people in a sad way…

Just some musings. There may or may not be some knitting pictures in the far or near future…I’m crazy busy this semester. Although I do intend to attempt the Knitting Olympics!


I’m not homesick. I don’t miss rooms or cabinets or even my bed, really. I’m peoplesick. Not my family so much either since I’m in touch with them a lot. It’s other people. Teachers, friends, some people I never even considered myself terribly close to! And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore it here and there are amazingly incredible people I feel privileged to meet and my classes are mostly fantastic, but…mblarghhh, I miss people! Thanksgiving break in 10 days!

  • I got a Nikon D3000!! I’ve only taken 5 pictures so far, but once I get some awesome ones, I’ll obviously share. I’ve been too nervous to take it outside yet, since I don’t have a case or screen protector yet (do have a UV filter though).
  • My professors/lecturers keep doing awesome stuff! One got a genius grant, one demonstrated some important quantum mechanics thing that I don’t understand, and one of my discussion leaders’ husband got a Nobel Prize!
  • I got an A- on my first English essay and my first midterm! Yayy!
  • My entourage came for family weekend and refilled my food drawer, among other things.
  • I have a supercomfy foldup chair!
  • I’m basically on top of/ahead in all my classes, which is good because I’ll have approximately no time to work this weekend due to Saturday being completely sucked up by a club swim meet for which I have to wake up at the obscene time of sometimebefore6AM.

It’s true. It’s probably because tomatoes and I don’t get along; I need to find a fellow white pizza fan.

Phew, TGIF everybody! It’s weird, every week here seems to go by really really fast, but completely burns me out at the same time. Fortunately, since my weekends are fairly relaxed, they don’t seem to go by quite as fast.

I’m particularly glad for this weekend to be here (and as I have only one class today, it’s essentially here for me :D). Yesterday was an unfortunate day. To start, even though I slept eight hours, I was supertired for no apparent reason. So to keep from falling asleep between classes, I decided to go investigate why a package that the tracking website claimed had been in New Haven but ‘in transit’ for a week and a half hadn’t found its way to me yet. So first I went to the Master’s Office, which is where it was being shipped to. They told me (again) that I’d get an email if it came in to them. So I called DHL, who told me that they had transferred the package to the USPS since they don’t serve this area. Next, I went to the post office, waited in line, and asked the lady at the desk. SHE said that they had transferred it to campus mail (which incidentally, I’ve never even heard of!) and since 1,300 other freshmen had made the same ‘mistake’ I had (granted, I did exactly what the website told me to do in terms of shipping this thing), it would be awhile. I skeptically pointed out that it had been in New Haven for ten days, but she just gave me the same schpiel again, clearly thinking I was mentally impaired or something. Fantastic, right?

The day looked up a bit when I won at intramural tennis by just showing up since the other team didn’t have any girls. Next I lost a SUPERCLOSE IM pingpong match which was unfortunate. Our club swimming ‘coach’ (one of the varsity swimmers) clearly had something to prove today and decided to beat us into the proverbial ground. THEN to top everything off, the lens popped out of my glasses. Fortunately, the screw was still there and no parts were broken. Within half an hour, my friend had appeared with a teensy little screwdriver and fixed it for me.

But I’m really ready for the weekend. :)

So right now, I’m super-inspired knitting-wise. It’s all I can do to work on one project for more than 5 minutes. I’m slightly less uninspired to write on this blog, as evidenced by the existence of this post. However, I’m supremely uninspired photography-wise, which is weird because I always admire blogs like b r o o k l y n t w e e d, Coloursknits, and a Friend to Knit With (just to name a few) for their fantastic photography and I KNOW that to get better I need to do it more, but for some reason I just don’t feel like it…it makes me feel a bit hypocritical.

Every once in a while I wistfully browse eBay or craigslist for DSLR cameras, thinking that maybe having a better camera will inspire me more, but then I always decide against it either because I promised myself I wouldn’t buy one until I get a pattern published in Knitty or similar or because I don’t feel like I deserve it anyway since I don’t really work at photography as it is…

I’m not actually feeling as down on myself as this post would have you think, though. Much less so than in previous weeks, in fact. I’ve been knitting, reading, playing badminton, and generally having a cool summer time, and all our Israeli relatives are coming to visit for ten days this Thursday! Some of whom I haven’t seen ever (in the case of some babies) or in a long time! Huzzah!

I’ve been back for a week but haven’t posted. I just haven’t felt like it…

For one, I got the flu (yes, probably swine flu) on my trip, which SUCKED.

And then this past week I was at music camp – my last year! It was fantastic, but I’ve been feeling all nostalgic and stuff since the concert yesterday.

I have been knitting some, but don’t have any good pictures.

I have been getting used to my lovely new MacBook Pro (grad present from the ‘rents) though!!

Awhile ago, I cleaned (part of) my room. But my desk, quite intimidating, was left a disaster area:

Until today. I got home and for some reason was inspired. So I hauled everything off my desk, took out the drawers, etc. and began. I went to Staples and bought a drawer organizer. It was epic. In that monstrous pile of a ‘before’ picture, there was quite a treasure trove…

Among the goodies encountered (and this is just ON the desk, excluding the floorspace and drawers):

  • iPod and earbuds
  • $5 Canadian
  • a $50 gift certificate
  • 512MB flash drive
  • 512MB SD card
  • 4 cookies and a 2/3-eaten bag of Tostitos
  • my Stitches East 2009 confirmation!!
  • some paperwork for college and stuff
  • this hat
  • 2 balls (partly used) and 2 skeins of Mmmmmalabrigo
  • some booklets I was supposed to read for school aaages ago
  • AAA batteries
  • knitting design sketches and miniature prototypes
  • so many crumbs I’m surprised I don’t have a resident ant colony yet (ETA: I later found 2 ants, so the jury’s still out on this one…)

Also, I addressed a design flaw in my room that had been bugging me for quite some time, that flaw being that my nightstand sits right in front of the only heat/AC vent in the room. So my dad and I cut a hole in the back of it aaaand…

But I know all you really want to see is the desk afterwards, so I won’t keep you waiting any longer.


How long will this insurmountable miracle last? Only time will tell…

P.S. The drawers inside the desk are (basically) organized, too! I just was lazy and don’t have pictures.

The recital was awesome! There were, as expected, a few blips, but overall, I’m extremely happy. And I’m usually very self-critical of my playing, so that’s a big deal.

Also, check this out:


On a sadder note, my pattern was rejected from Knitty. So I’ll be posting it with my other free patterns here soonishly, but for now be contented with this tantalizing preview:

The title’s ‘The Zig to My Zag.’ And I’m working on that other design prototype!

(Sorry again in advance for the lack of pictures…)

So, story of my day so far:
My senior violin recital is this afternoon, so I was printing programs. I told it to print 50 (perhaps a tiny bit optimistic) and left it. But when I came back…3 printed programs, and 47 pages with those lovely little lines that are the printer’s way of saying “INNNK! Please!!” Aaand…I’d wasted 47 sheets of the fancy paper. So I decided to drive to Staples to get the ink, since I was the doofus. Little did I know, the doofusry had barely begun…
So I drive to Staples, pick up the ink and some photo paper for my dad (expensive stuff!), and decided to go to the sub shop nearby for lunch.
First, I drove the wrong way. Oops. Then I get there, go in, buy my lunch, and realize – Ohhhh sh*t. I locked the keys in the car. Not only that, but the car was RUNNING. Yeesh.
So my dad picked me up and lectured me for longer than was really necessary considering how embarassed I already was.
Here’s hoping the rest of the day is better. Wish me luck in my recital!

P.S. I’ve started a sample of another design. Again though, no pictures because I’m hoping to submit it somewhere.

In bullet, form as inspired by Samantha‘s many intriguing posts like this.

  • I’m leaving tomorrow for Bulldog Days at Yale. I hate packing, because I always think I’m forgetting something.
  • I’ve decided that if my pattern gets published in Knitty (no, I still haven’t heard from them), I’m using part of the $1,000 Intel check (which finally came in the mail a few days ago!) to buy an SLR camera. These two things seem unrelated, but there is a thin thread of logic connecting them: a) I love blogs with amazing photography. b) It’s easier to take amazing pictures with a good camera. c) If I get published, I anticipate blog traffic increasing a lot. d) I want people to like my blog.
  • I’m thinking of changing the blog’s name/theme, but every time I think I’ve thought of an original, clever name, I Google it to find that someone else has gotten it first. So I’m still thinking. What do you think of ‘Flying Monkey Knits?’
  • It’s hard not to think about next year all the time. I’m madly excited, bittersweet, sad, and terrified, all at once. Yes, I am aware that this is totally normal. Excited: to get a MacBook for graduation, to finally be consistently challenged for the first time, along with a whole bunch of other people in totally over their heads together, to live on my own (ish), to live somewhere new. Scared/sad/etc.: to leave the school I’ve attended since I was 4 and LOVE, to leave my friends, to be in totally over my head, to live on my own (ish).
  • I should study for AP’s and stuff. It may or may not happen. So it goes.
  • This is my 99th post (!), and the blog so far has received 250 comments. Whoah.
  • I should spin more. Maybe this summer…which, incidentally, is going to be insanely busy…
  • I don’t have any more bullet points, nor do I have any photos. Bad blogger.

Time travel to…