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I’ve been quite deliberately silent on the knitting front…no more!

I give you…

…the Thorpe Brigade!

I knitted these for my suitemates and two other close friends as holiday gifts. The funny thing was, I knitted them in front of all of them and each commented at least once on how cool they were or how they’d love to have a hat like that (they mostly thought I was doing them for charity or somesuch).


Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur (Through the Loops)

Yarn: Sundry, including Mmmmalabrigo worsted and some Mission Falls wool

Needles: US 9

(I made the snowman up at the top of this picture, too)

There’s some more frenzied gift knitting going on at the moment which I cannot show yet so I leave you with this picture:

(Yes, there are five hats and one is missing in this picture – it’s owner was excused because she was studying for the three exams she has today and tomorrow)


This’ll be a quickie because I have to go in ten minutes.

First, happy new year to everyone!

Second, I was inspired about five minutes ago by Dee to give Project 365 a whirl this year and decided to post said intention here to make it harder to chicken out. I’m not sure if it’ll fall apart in three days or last a couple months before I forget once and feel compelled to bash my head repeatedly against a wall, but it should be an interesting ride.

No, I don’t have today’s picture yet. ;)

Okay, now I’m off to do the New Year’s 7.5 mile run thingie in this snowstorm. Pray that my toes will still be with us when I return!

Chanukkah present I received this year:

Oh, its cute alright. Wait til I open it!

Oh, it's cute alright. Wait 'til I open it!

Cable needles! In a case! So I wont lose them!

Cable needles! In a case! So I won't lose them! But not just ANY cable needles...

GORGEOUS cable needles!

GORGEOUS bronze cable needles!

These were a gift from my mom. The cable needles are from Celtic Swan Forge and she designed the case herself!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. :)

That morning, before getting on the bus (yes, dressed like that)

At school:

This kid put ACTUAL FROSTING on his face.

This kid put ACTUAL FROSTING on his face.

Senior choir rehearsal (picture taken from pit)

Senior choir rehearsal (picture taken from pit)

My friend jumping off the radiator.

My friend jumping off the radiator.

Me, trying to imitate her...

Me, trying to imitate her...

...not quite as successfully.

...not quite as successfully.

Alethias bf and my good friend, Frosty for the day

Alethia's bf and my good friend, Frosty for the day

Alethia, the Christmas tree

Alethia, the Christmas tree

The slippers (which you can kinda see there) were quite slippery.

The slippers (which you can kinda see there) were quite slippery.

Close-ups of elf shoes:

I’ve been on a mad finishing spree, and don’t really feel like posting all the pics here, so if you want to see my fabulous holiday labor, check out my Ravelry page.

Guess what? I wrote my (hopefully) LAST college essays today! If I don’t get in early at Yale, I’ll have to do the safety ones, which won’t be fun. So I HOPEHOPEHOPE that those were the last ones. Now I just have to finish Alethia’s Dartmouth peer rec.

Anyway. On to fun, crafty things. Yesterday when we got home from school, my little sis and I decided to make ourselves duct tape dress forms. She wrapped mine a bit too tightly, so by the end I definitely would have passed out if I tried to panic or run anywhere. But they’re pretty nifty, nonetheless.

Here we are, goofing off for the camera while working on them.

(The shirt said ‘Bill Clinton for First Lady’ – I thought it was funny, even though I supported Obama all along…)

After the first part:

And guess what mine’s stuffed with…?

Big surprise, no?

And she’s finished! What should I name her? Suggestions in comments.

Also there’s been a holiday knitting frenzy! Check this out:

For more than just snippets, check out the Ravelry pages for these lovelies.

Keep on the lookout for elf costume photos. At school, the last day before break, all the seniors dress up as elves. I’m planning a fairly…nonstandard one, shall we say. ;)

Sorry it’s been so long – I’m finally resurfacing from finals. I have one left, but it’s no big deal. I’m basically done! Gloriosity!


We biked. Around Lake Tahoe. It was intense. I don’t have any pictures from the ride yet, because we used disposable cameras and I haven’t finished it yet. But it was breathtaking. It SO made the 7-mile climb starting at mile 80 worth it when you came around a corner and saw this incredible view of this gorgeous lake. Here’s my helmet:

And here was me:

And then after we finished, I ran into a parked car. We had these giant buffalo on our helmets (because the rest of our chapter is from Buffalo…) and I was trying to copy our coach and duck under a rope hanging maybe five feet high while on my bike, and I veered to the side. Only there was no space to veer. So I crashed and left a big scratch down the side of a black SUV. The people were standing right behind it loading the trunk, too – and they didn’t notice until I called to them!

Me, lying on ground beneath bike, trying not to sob: Excuse me – I’m really sorry, I just ran into your car!

Them: Oh, it’s a rental – we won’t tell if you won’t. Are you okay?

Me: *sigh of relief and pain*

I was rather scraped up. But my bike computer still only said 99.75 miles when we got back to the hotel, so I rode in circles on the sidewalk until it said 100. You can’t work all day not to get that satisfaction! Here was my bike shoe after:


Oh, and another story from that. One guy on our team is a pastor, probably about 60 years old. His wife has lymphoma, and she actually had a relapse during our training. During the ride, he crashed going downhill at twentysomething miles per hour. The medical team had to pick him up – he even cracked his helmet. But after they fixed him up, he got back on the course and finished – 7-mile climb and all! He had been talking earlier about how he talked to teens and was disappointed to find that when he asked them who their heroes were, they were inevitably some actor or athlete – someone who makes a lot of money and lives glamorously. I told him after the ride (and I usually don’t say stuff like this out loud, so it took a bit of courage, mind you) that he was more of a hero than any of those people. Because it’s so true.

Oh yeah, and my birthday is tomorrow! But my dad is out of town, so we did the ‘family celebration’ yesterday. We went out for hibachi, which was fun – but it was a bad day for it. It’s obscenely hot. So we pretty much sweltered in front of towers of flame wondering when we could return to the air-conditioned car…but the food was good! And then we went home – my mom had made me strawberry shortcake! – and I got the family presents. Got some sweet loot:

  • iTunes card
  • an iPod shuffle! (for running and such) And a ‘puck’ case for it.
  • three shirts – a biking one and two T-shirts, one biking-related (this one if anybody’s curious)
  • A Life is Good keyring – to which I promptly transferred my (lonely – I hopefully get car copies when I pass my road test!) key and other paraphernalia
  • A book of short stories about time travel
  • KnitPicks interchangeable needles!!! As well as stitch markers and a new set of cable needles – the two knitting artifacts I never fail to lose.
  • that reference thingie that tells you how much yarn of various gauges you need for stuff
  • a book of Japanese knitting patterns…I’m going to need some help reading those…but they’re pretty neat.

And then tomorrow – on my birthday, when it’s supposed to be over 90 degrees – we’re biking 40 miles. We signed up awhile ago – we knew we’d be in shape from the century ride. But I’ve done basically nothing athletic all week because of finals. And we just got our bikes back (they had to ride back cross-country in a truck) today…so that should be interesting…

And finally, I’ve resumed the lace scarf I started on the NYC trip, and I’m almost done with the Prom Socks. Pictures will come…at some point.

For cross training, today we did a local St. Patty’s Day (which, incidentally, is my parents’ anniversary…I should get them something…)-themed race. It was five miles, and I surprised myself by meeting my goal of finishing under an hour – 56:something! :D It was also really fun, because tons of people got really dressed up. I wish I had pictures to show…Ah well.

Anyway, whilst showering after said race, I got to pondering – the cold you feel after running in the cold (sweat + wind) is very different from the cold you feel after a shower or when you have a fever or after skiing. But, for me, anyways, if I’m hot, I’m just hot. There’s not much distinction. Just thought that was interesting.

If you’re a fan of puzzles, check out Killer Sudoku Online. You can play Killer Sudoku (a way cooler variety of the classic, in my opinion) daily, or peruse their archives, all also playable online or printable. It’s pretty sweet.

Anyways, just a quick post. I’ve got to go teach later!

So on Monday (MLK day), my friend Saedi and I went snowboarding before the swim meet. We were soooo sore afterwards, and I could barely lift my legs afterwards.

So what did I do, you ask?

I bought a snowboard today! We had a blast, and I was using my mom’s snowboard (which is significantly better than my foam piece of crap) and I made a ton of progress (I only fell 5ish times on our last run, as compared to at least a dozen the first time we left the bunny hill). And my mom offered to pay for half of it – plus the store was having a sale! So I’m only going to have to pay $125 or so, which is pretty good for half a snowboard. I’m pretty excited to try this thing out, and irritated that I have to miss the next two ski clubs because of swim meets (and I missed the last one – darn close meets!). I can’t WAIT until swimming ends…

Anyway, here’s a pretty close-up picture of the board. By the way, the main part is really a dark navy blue sort of color, not black like it came out.

Aaaand…*drumroll, please*…An FO! I finished my Manos sweater, and only used about half of the KILO of yarn! I hear that stuff felts really well, so I shall be playing with that. Anyways, here are some pictures for you all:

As you can see, the variegated yarn pooled a bit on the sleeves, but not enough to bother me. Originally, I thought the whole sweater had come out too small because the sleeves were tight, but I realized that if I wore a thinner shirt underneath, it was perfectly comfy. I wore it all day today. :)

And finally, my WIP! Another raglan, this time out of some fuzzywuzzy Nashua alpaca. I’m hoping for it to be a close-fitting sort of thing that you’d wear over a cami – anticipating it getting nice and soft and cushy when washed. So we’ll see. But here are a few pics. The bluish one is actually more of a sage green, but it changed a lot in the photo…

I. Introduction – I have so much to say in this post that I decided to organize it 7th grade English-style. This is how they used to make us organize our essays. Anyway, I’ll try to include lots of pictures to make it interesting, and thereby keep resolution IV-b-ii.

II. Regarding Knitting

a. FO: Camera sock

That’s my speedy cute little newish camera.

I knitted it a sock. Because that’s what I do. You can’t see it, but I even grafted the ‘toe’ with Kitchener stitch.

b. WIP: Manos Raglan

I got a kilogram of gorgeous Manos del Uruguay at Stitches, and I finally started the sweater. That’s just a sneak peek. And I think I’m going to have at least a third of the yarn left over, so I can play with felting it! I’ve seen amazing felted stuff out of Manos.

c. Bobby’s – I got nominated for a Bobby on Ravelry for Most Unusual Project. The voting starts on January 14th, so please vote for me! There’s a lot of other cool stuff, and you can vote more than once!

d. I have a new idea for a design. I haven’t even started knitting one yet, though, so it’ll be awhile before a pattern emerges. If it works out, though, I do hope to write it up.

III. Regarding Life

a. Animals now outnumber people in our house – that’s right, our family now consists of five people (mom, dad, brother, sister, me), a dog (Erie), a cat (Pixel), a hamster (Java), two fish (Dimaggio and The Babe), and two birds. They’re zebra finches, called Tweedledee and Tweedledum, after the Lewis Carroll poem, and they’re cute. Addie calls them the Beeperbirds.

Erie. She does this when she thinks we’re not looking.

Pixie, doing what she does best – looking down on people.

This is Java. It’s really hard to take pictures of twitchy animals.

This is Tweedledee.

The lighter-colored one is Tweedledum. Even though I turned the flash off, they both hated the camera, so these pictures are less than marginal…

b. Snow sports

i. Skiing – Ski club starts this coming Friday, and it’s supposed to be 54o on Tuesday. On the bright side, ski club conflicts with five swim meets, so I almost hope it’ll be cancelled because Coach is going to kill me if I actually miss that many. Ski club was paid for before I even decided to swim, though, so if it comes down to it, ski club wins, except for the League Meet. Also, we’re going to Gore Mountain over February break, which should be AMAZING.

ii. Skating – Yesterday a bunch of friends and I went ice skating. It was really fun and we took some pictures. But I’m not posting any because they all suck.

c. I can SEEEE! That’s right. My glasses are back! Huzzah! And no, I’m not angry at all about this. I just thought that was a really cool picture.

IV. New Year’s Resolutions (overlaps with II a bit)

a. Break out the spinning wheel again. I barely spun at all in 2007, and I have this lovely Lendrum!

And a wonderful stash of fiber. So I want to spin more and actually use the yarn I make. To make cool stuff like this hat, which was the original inspiration for the Mutant Bunny Hat. Ignore the stunned look in my eyes and focus on the handspun hat, please…

b. Use>Buy: I want to use more of my stash than I accumulate. Here’s my stash now.

And to make me feel better about myself, here’s my mom’s:

And there’s actually more than that, I couldn’t back up far enough to fit it all in one frame without falling out the window!

c. Health

i. (continuing from last year) Only eat when I’m hungry. I think this is a good practice for everyone, honestly. It really makes you aware of how much you actually need to eat.

ii. Stay in shape! I love being in shape. I want to keep exercising (running, biking, swimming, whatever, combination) all year and beyond! Buzz Lightyear-style.

d. Blog

i. For myself – it’s like a diary. Both in the sense that barely anyone else reads it, and that it keeps track of my life.

ii. For other people – but, I want to make it interesting! I’m going to try to take more and better pictures, and write coherently about interesting things. Feel free to make suggestions to this effect.

V. Conclusion – This is a concluding conclusion which concludes. It’s quite conclusive. Oh yes, and apologies for the slightly screwed-up formatting. Pasting from Word into Blogger doesn’t quite work perfectly.

Enjoy it, everyone!

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