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I’ve been quite deliberately silent on the knitting front…no more!

I give you…

…the Thorpe Brigade!

I knitted these for my suitemates and two other close friends as holiday gifts. The funny thing was, I knitted them in front of all of them and each commented at least once on how cool they were or how they’d love to have a hat like that (they mostly thought I was doing them for charity or somesuch).


Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur (Through the Loops)

Yarn: Sundry, including Mmmmalabrigo worsted and some Mission Falls wool

Needles: US 9

(I made the snowman up at the top of this picture, too)

There’s some more frenzied gift knitting going on at the moment which I cannot show yet so I leave you with this picture:

(Yes, there are five hats and one is missing in this picture – it’s owner was excused because she was studying for the three exams she has today and tomorrow)


It’s so…floaty!

I like spinning in circles…

Pattern: Mohair Kit-110 from Habu Textiles

Yarn: the incredible habu stuff that came with the kit

Needles: US 4 and 5, I think…

This is a good idea after spinning around for funny pictures, but not a good idea if you dont want leafy crud on the back of your sweater...

This is a good idea after spinning around for funny pictures, but not a good idea if you don't want leafy crud on the back of your sweater...

Overall assessment:


Check out the seethrougness of the SHADOW. :D

Some spinning hopefully coming up, and perhaps a shawl. The sweater out of this yarn is also in the works.

P.S. Ravelry post for this sweater is here.

And I like them!

As soon as I saw this pattern, I knew I wanted to make it – fortunately, my darling sister said I could make it for her.

Pattern: Diamond Halter by Jill Gutman Schoenfuss, Knitty Spring 2009

Needles: US4 and 6

Yarn: Berrocco Zen, color 8244

Mods: Instead of making it as a halter, I sewed the straps onto the back like a normal tank because when she tried it on as a halter, the back sagged down (she’s too skinny!)

We’ve hosted a Korean exchange student all this school year. At the beginning of the year, we didn’t really connect – she’s the type of girl who, given the choice, would spend hours and hours of free time at the mall, whereas I’d prefer…well, lots of things, but I’m not a big fan of shopping. There wasn’t any animosity between us, but we weren’t really friends either – we basically just coexisted. But recently, as she’s become less shy and more conversational and I’ve gotten to know her better, it’s been different. It started with a really interesting conversation about differences in education between Korea and the States (which are HUGE), which led into a similar one about music (she’s a fabulous pianist) and, as they say, the rest is history.

Anyway, she’s leaving in a couple weeks, and I wanted to make her a goodbye present. Behold:

Pattern: Narragansett by Kirsten Kapur

Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Rustic Silk (held double), left over from prom shawl (live pictures soon!)

Needles: US2 for ribbing; US5 for body

Ravelry: pattern page here

Since I haven’t given it to her yet, you get to see it on a rather unconventional model:

It’s amazing we got her (the dog, I mean) to sit still long enough for this picture.

I finished a blanket.

(Incidentally, I also finished HIGH SCHOOL! I took my last two AP’s today, and though they didn’t go as swimmingly as I’d hoped, I think I did decently, and all I have to do to graduate now is remember to hand in my PE paperwork and do my internship!)

I’m not particularly proud of the photography on this one. I’m wanting a dSLR more and more, but I’m saving it as a personal reward for if/when I get a pattern into knitty (and I’ve got a prototype on the needles now and several more in my head).

(I know flash is generally a no-no, but this really showed the lace pattern)

Pattern: Hemlock Ring, as adapted by Jared Flood (aka brooklyntweed)

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay Wool Clasica, either 5 or 6 skeins

Needles: US #9 – did you know addi makes 60″ lace turbos in big sizes too? I was also excited.

Ravelry: project page here

It’s so curvy!

I threw it on my sister.

I don’t think she even noticed. I don’t blame her; Phantom Tollbooth‘s good stuff.

It looked snazzy against her jeans. This one’s pretty close in terms of color.

Random observation for the day: I have an uncanny talent for eyeballing the size of needles. I invariably am within 1 US size, and usually get it right on. Perhaps I need a new hobby? Not that I’d ever consider that, of course.

Phew! Three days in a row of AP’s, and two more plus a final this weekend to go! I’m halfway through the gauntlet!

But I DID finish the shawl I’m going to wear to prom!

Here is is blocking:

(on my sister’s bed; she’s on a 3-day field trip so I pounced on the opportunity)

And then the sun finally came out so I took some pictures with the apple blossoms and lilacs:

Pattern: Lattice Lace Wrap by Lou Schiela

Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Rustic Silk

Needles: US #3

Mods: I added a half-repeat so the ends would be symmetrical.

Ravelry: project page here

Whining: The combination of these beads and this yarn, although pretty, was not a pleasant one. First of all, the yarn was really a bit too fat for them, and since it’s ‘rustic’ silk, it wasn’t slippery like normal silk, and the beads didn’t really like to slide over the yarn. I had to push them along a couple inches at a time, which got really tedious after awhile. This was definitely a ‘product over process’ knit, but I’m really happy with it nonetheless!

But neither of those pictures adequately captured the exquisite sparkliness, so I tried yet again:

Which seriously does not do it justice either, but I promise I’ll post some pictures of it on a real live human come prom next week.

I don’t have an exam tomorrow! Huzzah!

So I started THIS thing ages ago. And finished the knitting ages ago, too. However, because of the yarn and intended use of the thing, I decided it really wouldn’t be kind to gift it without a lining. Here’s the catch – I both suck at and hate sewing. So I asked my mom to do it. She was perfectly willing but…she procrastinates. Result: My friend’s birthday present, delivered several months late.

Yes, that’s a sock inside. I didn’t want it to look empty!

And how about the snazzy handle? Isn’t it perfect? Found it very inexpensively at M&J Trimming.

Want a close-up of that LINING?

I thought so. (Can you tell I’m excited about this? I’ve never had anything lined before.)


Pattern: Brea by Norah Gaughan (I acknowledge I am jumping on the bandwagon a bit with this pattern, but it is very nice, and in my defense, I gave her plenty of pictures to chose from, and she chose this one, without any input from me!)

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed held double – not sure how much exactly…

Needles: US 7

Notions: handle as previously mentioned, gorgeous button from LYS, some random fabric from my mom’s stash

Ravelry: project page here

Despite being somewhat unhappy about being forced to pose for photos (my standard payment exerted from every giftee), Sarah loved it!

That last one isn’t terribly color-accurate, but it shows the pattern really nicely.

My only (minor) complaint on this is how the gussets on the edge don’t stay flat, but rather pooch outwards and downwards. Not really sure how that would be avoided, but probably won’t be as prominent once the bag has more than two socks in it…

So I get home today and bring in the mail. First I notice my official acceptance letter from Yale. MAD cool. But I also see a package from Bennington, one of my safety schools. What were they sending me? I opened it, and inside…*drumroll*…a luggage tag, a pin saying ‘Bennington 2013,’ some info about field study term and…

A cookie. A homemade chocolate chip cookie in a ziploc bag. Is that not the most hilarious thing you’ve ever heard? I mean, maybe I’m just sleep-deprived from pit rehearsals ’til 10PM every day this week, but I laughed for…awhile.

Anyway, now some knitting!

I told you I was making Alethia a Thorpe. Well, her payment was to work her photographic magic and take me some awesome pictures of that hat and the beaded wrap thingie I’m working on:

It’s made from Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn held triple.

She insisted that I model it.

But then I insisted that she model it, it being her hat and all.

And I wanted to play with the camera…

And like the fabulous giftee that she is, she’s worn it (around school, not just to school) every day since I finished it.

Now for the shawl/wrap/stole/whateveritis:

Obviously not a fantastic photo, but you can see the stitch pattern realy well.

And, being silk, it has incredible drape to it, but that was difficult to photograph.

Right now, this beast is about 1/3 done. The silk is a bit frustrating to work with since it doesn’t stretch, and the beads are incredibly tedious to thread on, but I love how it’s coming out. It’s definitely more of a ‘product’ than a ‘process’ knit.

(in contrast to my other WIP’s – although Alethia wants one now, too, so I’ll have another quickie project to work on…)

Well, the photography’s mediocre, but I’m giving it to him (my fantastic glass teacher) tomorrow, so it’s the best that’s happening.

Pattern: Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur

Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool held double-stranded; held single-stranded with one strand of some anonymous alpaca (possibly from Blue Sky) for the brim

Needles: US #6

Great, well-written pattern that knits up quickly – great gift!

P.S. Said glass teacher, who also does pottery, is trading me something for this beauty. I’m excited!

P.P.S. 5 days until I can go online to find out from Yale, Brown, and probably some other places, too! *nervous*


Remember that lovely Manos from Stitches? Well, it has found its home:

And my sister, who was so reluctant to help me photograph those mittens, got quite picture-happy on this one (probably had something to do with our deal that I’d drive her to GameStop to get a new Wii game if she’d take pictures…).

Dont I look sophisticated? Yes, I made the mitens, too. No, theres nothing in that mug...

Don't I look sophisticated? Yes, I made the mittens, too. No, there's nothing in that mug...

I just noticed that the word scarf is typed entirely with the left hand. Convenient...

I just noticed that the word 'scarf' is typed entirely with the left hand. Convenient...

The sophistication could only last so long.

Octopus (pentapus?) fingers!

Octopus (pentapus?) fingers!

The corniness! It buuuurns! ...I like this picture anyway.

The corniness! It buuuurns! ...I like this picture anyway.

Contemplating tassels. Intently.

Contemplating tassels. Intently.


Pattern: My own, strongly inspired by an Interweave Knits scarf.

Yarn: Manos del Uruguay silk blend…mmmm…it’s positively fabulous to knit with, seriously. Ate up a lot though – almost all of each of the five skeins.

Needles: US4

Ravelry: project page here

Estimated Time: ~20 minutes/row * 16 rows/stripe * 5 stripes = ~1,600 minutes or almost 27 hours. And since the timing of a row was in the garter stripe and there were two seed stitch stripes, it’s probably actually more than that. Scary to think about…

Commence frolicking!

This one (above, I mean) is my new facebook profile pic.

This one (above, I mean) is my new facebook profile pic.

Take pictures of me in it now. It looks soft.

"Take pictures of me in it now. It looks soft."

She clearly was not disappointed.

She clearly was not disappointed.

Good times…

Time travel to…