This is something I’ve noticed lately.

Most immediate example: It was POURING while I was walking up the hill towards lab today. And it was so windy my umbrella broke in several ways I hadn’t thought possible (RIP friend). BUT rather than a miserable soakfest, I saw this experience (at the time, anyway – sitting in lab soggily for the next 3 hours didn’t feel quite as awesome) as an epic battle of me vs. the elements – all because of the music I was listening to.

Does this happen to other people?

Music can make me happy, revved-up, nostalgic, almost anything. Now that I’m at school away from my music friends (whom most of my music reminds me of), it also makes me miss people. In a happy way, usually. It’s when I’m not listening to anything that I miss people in a sad way…

Just some musings. There may or may not be some knitting pictures in the far or near future…I’m crazy busy this semester. Although I do intend to attempt the Knitting Olympics!