• I got a Nikon D3000!! I’ve only taken 5 pictures so far, but once I get some awesome ones, I’ll obviously share. I’ve been too nervous to take it outside yet, since I don’t have a case or screen protector yet (do have a UV filter though).
  • My professors/lecturers keep doing awesome stuff! One got a genius grant, one demonstrated some important quantum mechanics thing that I don’t understand, and one of my discussion leaders’ husband got a Nobel Prize!
  • I got an A- on my first English essay and my first midterm! Yayy!
  • My entourage came for family weekend and refilled my food drawer, among other things.
  • I have a supercomfy foldup chair!
  • I’m basically on top of/ahead in all my classes, which is good because I’ll have approximately no time to work this weekend due to Saturday being completely sucked up by a club swim meet for which I have to wake up at the obscene time of sometimebefore6AM.