It’s true. It’s probably because tomatoes and I don’t get along; I need to find a fellow white pizza fan.

Phew, TGIF everybody! It’s weird, every week here seems to go by really really fast, but completely burns me out at the same time. Fortunately, since my weekends are fairly relaxed, they don’t seem to go by quite as fast.

I’m particularly glad for this weekend to be here (and as I have only one class today, it’s essentially here for me :D). Yesterday was an unfortunate day. To start, even though I slept eight hours, I was supertired for no apparent reason. So to keep from falling asleep between classes, I decided to go investigate why a package that the tracking website claimed had been in New Haven but ‘in transit’ for a week and a half hadn’t found its way to me yet. So first I went to the Master’s Office, which is where it was being shipped to. They told me (again) that I’d get an email if it came in to them. So I called DHL, who told me that they had transferred the package to the USPS since they don’t serve this area. Next, I went to the post office, waited in line, and asked the lady at the desk. SHE said that they had transferred it to campus mail (which incidentally, I’ve never even heard of!) and since 1,300 other freshmen had made the same ‘mistake’ I had (granted, I did exactly what the website told me to do in terms of shipping this thing), it would be awhile. I skeptically pointed out that it had been in New Haven for ten days, but she just gave me the same schpiel again, clearly thinking I was mentally impaired or something. Fantastic, right?

The day looked up a bit when I won at intramural tennis by just showing up since the other team didn’t have any girls. Next I lost a SUPERCLOSE IM pingpong match which was unfortunate. Our club swimming ‘coach’ (one of the varsity swimmers) clearly had something to prove today and decided to beat us into the proverbial ground. THEN to top everything off, the lens popped out of my glasses. Fortunately, the screw was still there and no parts were broken. Within half an hour, my friend had appeared with a teensy little screwdriver and fixed it for me.

But I’m really ready for the weekend. :)