Keepin’ the streak alive! I’m having my own little NaBloPoWe here.

Not sure what’s up with the formatting, but I’m contacting Support about it today.

On to my paradox – so here’s how a weekend here typically goes: starting Friday afternoon and going until the wee hours of Sunday morning, everyone’s drunk. And then since it’s Yale and people actually do care about their work, they work ALL day on Sunday. Except I don’t drink. My work gets done on a more reasonable schedule. So then when everyone else is working Sunday, I might be doing some work, but I might also be spinning and watching Secret Life, or doing Sporcle. Don’t click that link if you value your free time, by the way. Anyway, even though this makes NO sense, all this not-working when everybody else is makes me feel like a slacker. Like I SHOULD have work to do. And to compound that, I’m a pretty fast worker and don’t have any reading-intensive courses right now, so my work actually does take up less time than other people’s, which doesn’t help the slacker impression.

Yes, I know I’m not actually a slacker, far from it. But I can’t help feeling like it…