So I had an interesting conversation with my roomie last night that got me thinking: I’m kind of obsessed with symmetry. Not in a general sense – I can totally deal with it in photography, paintings, whatever. Just symmetry of me – I like it. A lot. Some examples:

  • If I’m a passenger in a car (I do resist this when I’m driving) at night and another car comes towards us in the other lane with the headlights on, I turn my head as it passes by us so that my right and left eyes are equally assaulted by the brightness.
  • I hate having one shoe tied more tightly than another.
  • When I have a cold (like now) I’d rather have both nostrils stuffed up than the annoying just-one-thing that happens sometimes.
  • A minute or so ago, I was idly poking my thumb with a pencil, and then I had to poke the other thumb, too so they’d feel the same.
  • This makes two of my physical characteristics (a bunion on one foot but not the other leading to weird, asymmetrical blisters after running and such; and my left eye being much weaker than my right such that my right is unnaturally dominant – if I meet your eyes, my head will usually be turned slightly to the left such that just my right eye is looking at you)) even MORE irritating.

On a less pensive/bizarre note, 9:30 PM on a Saturday night is a really fantastic time to do laundry in college if you’re not the partying type. Because clearly almost everyone else is the partying type. My suitemates and I put laundry in and while we were waiting watched Mamma Mia! It was superfun.

P.S. I really like the acronym WYSIWYG. That is all. Wissiwig!