Phew! Three days in a row of AP’s, and two more plus a final this weekend to go! I’m halfway through the gauntlet!

But I DID finish the shawl I’m going to wear to prom!

Here is is blocking:

(on my sister’s bed; she’s on a 3-day field trip so I pounced on the opportunity)

And then the sun finally came out so I took some pictures with the apple blossoms and lilacs:

Pattern: Lattice Lace Wrap by Lou Schiela

Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Rustic Silk

Needles: US #3

Mods: I added a half-repeat so the ends would be symmetrical.

Ravelry: project page here

Whining: The combination of these beads and this yarn, although pretty, was not a pleasant one. First of all, the yarn was really a bit too fat for them, and since it’s ‘rustic’ silk, it wasn’t slippery like normal silk, and the beads didn’t really like to slide over the yarn. I had to push them along a couple inches at a time, which got really tedious after awhile. This was definitely a ‘product over process’ knit, but I’m really happy with it nonetheless!

But neither of those pictures adequately captured the exquisite sparkliness, so I tried yet again:

Which seriously does not do it justice either, but I promise I’ll post some pictures of it on a real live human come prom next week.

I don’t have an exam tomorrow! Huzzah!