(Sorry again in advance for the lack of pictures…)

So, story of my day so far:
My senior violin recital is this afternoon, so I was printing programs. I told it to print 50 (perhaps a tiny bit optimistic) and left it. But when I came back…3 printed programs, and 47 pages with those lovely little lines that are the printer’s way of saying “INNNK! Please!!” Aaand…I’d wasted 47 sheets of the fancy paper. So I decided to drive to Staples to get the ink, since I was the doofus. Little did I know, the doofusry had barely begun…
So I drive to Staples, pick up the ink and some photo paper for my dad (expensive stuff!), and decided to go to the sub shop nearby for lunch.
First, I drove the wrong way. Oops. Then I get there, go in, buy my lunch, and realize – Ohhhh sh*t. I locked the keys in the car. Not only that, but the car was RUNNING. Yeesh.
So my dad picked me up and lectured me for longer than was really necessary considering how embarassed I already was.
Here’s hoping the rest of the day is better. Wish me luck in my recital!

P.S. I’ve started a sample of another design. Again though, no pictures because I’m hoping to submit it somewhere.