In bullet, form as inspired by Samantha‘s many intriguing posts like this.

  • I’m leaving tomorrow for Bulldog Days at Yale. I hate packing, because I always think I’m forgetting something.
  • I’ve decided that if my pattern gets published in Knitty (no, I still haven’t heard from them), I’m using part of the $1,000 Intel check (which finally came in the mail a few days ago!) to buy an SLR camera. These two things seem unrelated, but there is a thin thread of logic connecting them: a) I love blogs with amazing photography. b) It’s easier to take amazing pictures with a good camera. c) If I get published, I anticipate blog traffic increasing a lot. d) I want people to like my blog.
  • I’m thinking of changing the blog’s name/theme, but every time I think I’ve thought of an original, clever name, I Google it to find that someone else has gotten it first. So I’m still thinking. What do you think of ‘Flying Monkey Knits?’
  • It’s hard not to think about next year all the time. I’m madly excited, bittersweet, sad, and terrified, all at once. Yes, I am aware that this is totally normal. Excited: to get a MacBook for graduation, to finally be consistently challenged for the first time, along with a whole bunch of other people in totally over their heads together, to live on my own (ish), to live somewhere new. Scared/sad/etc.: to leave the school I’ve attended since I was 4 and LOVE, to leave my friends, to be in totally over my head, to live on my own (ish).
  • I should study for AP’s and stuff. It may or may not happen. So it goes.
  • This is my 99th post (!), and the blog so far has received 250 comments. Whoah.
  • I should spin more. Maybe this summer…which, incidentally, is going to be insanely busy…
  • I don’t have any more bullet points, nor do I have any photos. Bad blogger.