So I get home today and bring in the mail. First I notice my official acceptance letter from Yale. MAD cool. But I also see a package from Bennington, one of my safety schools. What were they sending me? I opened it, and inside…*drumroll*…a luggage tag, a pin saying ‘Bennington 2013,’ some info about field study term and…

A cookie. A homemade chocolate chip cookie in a ziploc bag. Is that not the most hilarious thing you’ve ever heard? I mean, maybe I’m just sleep-deprived from pit rehearsals ’til 10PM every day this week, but I laughed for…awhile.

Anyway, now some knitting!

I told you I was making Alethia a Thorpe. Well, her payment was to work her photographic magic and take me some awesome pictures of that hat and the beaded wrap thingie I’m working on:

It’s made from Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn held triple.

She insisted that I model it.

But then I insisted that she model it, it being her hat and all.

And I wanted to play with the camera…

And like the fabulous giftee that she is, she’s worn it (around school, not just to school) every day since I finished it.

Now for the shawl/wrap/stole/whateveritis:

Obviously not a fantastic photo, but you can see the stitch pattern realy well.

And, being silk, it has incredible drape to it, but that was difficult to photograph.

Right now, this beast is about 1/3 done. The silk is a bit frustrating to work with since it doesn’t stretch, and the beads are incredibly tedious to thread on, but I love how it’s coming out. It’s definitely more of a ‘product’ than a ‘process’ knit.