I have a vehicle to bring to college!

Meet Consuela (I like giving things Spanish names – my phone is Federico, for instance):

Isn’t she gorgeous? It’s nigh on impossible to capture the gloriousness that is this red color. And fenders! Does life get any better?






Is it obvious? Oh, and she has a friend, too:

A TIP (Thorpe In Progress) for my glass teacher. Recognize the yarn?

Also, the beaded shawl/wrap/thing is looking really good, but I don’t have any good pictures of it.

As far as school, senioritis is a pretty constant thing now – it used to come and go. I’m pretty much doing the bare minimum to maintain my GPA (which is, granted, high…) at this point, which isn’t much because I started off the year really strong so I can slack off without my yearlong grades really suffering. I’m 8-0 for colleges so far, though! Besides for the Yale deferment, which totally doesn’t count, since it’s not an actual decision. Maybe 8-0-1, if you insist…