A major bout of senioritis hit me today, so when I got home, I played Tetris for 20 minutes, printed my English essay, did a super-half-assed job on my Spanish homework, and then set out to take some artful pictures.

First, we have a giant doily:

Okay, yeah, not that artful, but it was the most color-accurate. And yes, this is Hemlock Ring, which despite it’s apparent intricacy, is deliciously mindless once you get past the center section.

And next (love this pic)…

Lots and lots of beads to thread. The idea here is to make myself a shawl to wear to the prom.

P.S. The knitting around here should be quite productive in the near future due to the aforementioned senioritis as well as an extremely knitting-friendly schedule this trimester (literally four periods that I can knit through almost all the time).

P.P.S. I got accepted to Middlebury today!