Hi again! I was so good for awhile there, posting a couple times a week, every day sometimes. Well, I guess no good thing can last forever. Anyway, I’m back for today, at least.

We just got back from a pretty fun ski/snowboard trip during which I got to hang with some music friends and have my ego smashed by a slow-talking snowboard teacher. Fun times.

But! Knitting is happening! Secret Knitty Design Prototype #2 (aka my mom’s test knit) is in the works, and although we’ll be cutting it close, I’m reeeally hoping to have the pattern/pics done for the March 1 Knitty deadline. A couple other designs are floating around in my head, as well and may or may not begin to clamor for release once this one is finished. We shall see.

But what you all really wanted to see was…

A scarf in flight!

Yes, it is really done. I was reallyreallyreally sick of it at the end, too.


Pattern: Trellis Scarf (rav link)

Yarn: Some inexpensive (we’re talking under $10 here if I remember correctly) alpaca I found at Stitches East a couple years ago…can’t remember brand or anything.

Needles: a pair of mismatched US5’s (one broke in the middle)

Finished Measurements: 8″ wide x 65″ long (point to point)

Ravelry: project page here

I was very distressed to notice when I finally finished this that the bound-off end wasn’t pointy like the cast-on end. Fortunately, as is so often the case, everything was fixed when blocking, and, from afar at least, the scarf appears symmetrical. My new blocking wires also proved invaluable in making the edges nice and straight as you see them there.

Nonetheless, Pixie (cat) was resolutely nonplussed:

And finally, a sneak preview of a very almost-FO (if you’re really curious, it’s already on Ravelry…):

I love that button…