So last year at Chanukkah, one gift my mom gave to me and my siblings was that we could each commission one knitted item from her. When I was eight or so, she had knit me a pair of amazing mittens (intricate colorwork, huge flared cuffs, lined with angora) but I’ve outgrown them. So I asked for another similar pair since she enjoys that type of knitting a lot more than I do. And now, over a year later, I finally received:

Anemoi! The book, a fantastic one by Rosemary, is one I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for awhile but was not part of the gift from my mom. Just wanted to show off my latest B&N purchase.

But back to the mittens. The best part about them, which was difficult to get a picture of:

They are indeed lined with ohsosoft angora! Heavenly.

Secret Knitty Design is chugging along. I’m working on the first full-size prototype.

Senioritis, regrettably, is also chugging along. *sigh*