So, on a sidenote before I start: About 30 seconds (give or take a couple days) after my homework-whining post, my teachers all decided to simultaneously heap homework upon my helpless senioritis-laden head, leading me to spend an ungodly number of hours this weekend working on sundry pointless things, and barely knitting at all. Sadness.

However, on to happiness.

I WANT one of these! My mom and I were fantasizing about just such a thing a few months ago and even contemplated attempting to design one. But this is way cooler than anything we’d have come up with. It’s not available yet, but I’m snatching it up the second it is! And $20, too! Hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s really cheaply made. I’d gladly pay at least $30 for it though, assuming it won’t fall apart.

In other news, I bought yarn for the first actual full-size version of the Secret Knitty Design. Hopefully it’ll come out well the first time and I’ll be done in time to submit it to the Spring issue. My mom volunteered to test knit it for me once I’ve actually written the pattern.