I test knit this pattern and finished the first one (blue stripe on back) awhile back, then finally got around to completing the pair. The only problem is I’m not really a ‘legwarmer person’ so I’ll have to find somebody to give them to…even though they fit me really well…and are rather comfy…maybe I’ll become a legwarmer person… ;)

Pattern: À Danser Legwarmers (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Koigu Merino, variegated and semisolids – 4 colors total, not-quite-whole skeins used

Needles: US1

Mods: added another square on each strip to make them long enough and added narrow strip up the back to make them big enough around (I accidentally followed the directions for too small a size)

P.S. Thanks to my wonderful little sis who was home sick from school today and is still coughing her brains out but was kind enough to come outside and help me take pictures while the sun was still out!