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So I’m at the beginnings of designing another pattern, one which I hope to submit to Knitty. I’m really excited about this, but unfortunately, their policy prohibits me sharing anything from it with you, so you’ll have to live in suspense.

But ANYWAY. The real theme of this post stems from a story related to this pattern:

I was thinking about this pattern before I fell asleep yesterday, and it occurred to me that I do a LOT of awesome thinking at that time of day – that is, right at the end of it. For that reason, I keep a notepad and pencil on my nightstand and a lamp over my bed. I usually use it to jot down stuff I want to remember to do the next day, but it’s also frequently used for cool ideas, like the ones for my pattern or the idea for this post.

So, now to you: When/where do you do your best thinking? Do you have a special way to remember ideas? And anything even tangentially related to this topic. GO!

P.S. Yeah, those FO pics. I did F said O, but have no decent pics yet due to reluctant photographers and icky weather. Patience, please! :)