Just some stuff I’ve been thinking about.

On emoticons…

I always get the vibe that people think emoticons are part of the domain of hyperactive illiterate preteen fangirls and have no place in the real world. However, I rather disagree. I mean, when you’re typing something, it’s wickedly hard to convey things that you normally would by tone of voice or facial expression. To my perception, emoticons make up for a little of that. For example, if I make a sarcastic comment, I might put a ‘;)’ after it to make sure I’m not taken seriously. It helps avoid misunderstandings. Thoughts?

And now, for something completely different:

On religion…

(DISCLAIMER: I may or may not hold some rather controversial opinions on this subject. If you disagree, please do so respectfully.)

Religion, to me, always seemed like a bit of a cop-out. If you think about it, most religions begin…wait, no, that’s not quite right. Most religions begin with some crazy guy hallucinating and getting lots of other people to believe in what he saw. But the purpose of most religions, at their core, is to justify things that people couldn’t explain otherwise. If you think about more primitive religions, they used angry gods or sneezing gods or happy gods to explain things like earthquakes or rain. Now, people scoff at that. “Come on, we know earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates and mountains are formed by accumulated bird droppings. What were THEY thinking?!”

But is using a god to explain volcanoes really that different from using a god to explain from whence consciousness arises, or how something arose from nothing when the Universe first began? It’s still something that has a logical explanation out there; we just haven’t found it yet. And since we don’t understand it right now, people turn to God or Allah or whatever you want and say that that’s how we were imbued with a ‘soul’ or that’s how the world was created or whatever.

I hope that someday, we’ll have explained enough scientifically that people will finally view religion as nothing more than an interesting cultural artifact of the past. Because people actually believing that God chose them to be better or that God created man as he is right now is pretty dangerous, when you come right down to it.


P.S. Another FO post probably coming soonishly.