So this is me:

Or, more accurately, it was me yesterday. All but two fingers of the nail polish are gone now. But seriously. I HAD nail polish. This is a breakthrough, so to speak. Here’s how the story goes: I was at the salon place, and they messed up the schedule, leaving like 45 minutes between dying my hair (also something unusual) and cutting it, so the lady was like ‘want a free manicure?’ My gut reaction was, unsurprisingly for me, ‘Pfft, no, I want to read my book, thank you’…but then I thought, what the heck? So, half an hour and many abused cuticles later, I had shiny purple fingernails. And quite dark hair. A bit darker than I wanted, actually, but decently nice anyway. And that was my yesterday.

In knitting, and much more typical ‘me’ news, the first elf shoe is nearly done!