Guess what? I wrote my (hopefully) LAST college essays today! If I don’t get in early at Yale, I’ll have to do the safety ones, which won’t be fun. So I HOPEHOPEHOPE that those were the last ones. Now I just have to finish Alethia’s Dartmouth peer rec.

Anyway. On to fun, crafty things. Yesterday when we got home from school, my little sis and I decided to make ourselves duct tape dress forms. She wrapped mine a bit too tightly, so by the end I definitely would have passed out if I tried to panic or run anywhere. But they’re pretty nifty, nonetheless.

Here we are, goofing off for the camera while working on them.

(The shirt said ‘Bill Clinton for First Lady’ – I thought it was funny, even though I supported Obama all along…)

After the first part:

And guess what mine’s stuffed with…?

Big surprise, no?

And she’s finished! What should I name her? Suggestions in comments.

Also there’s been a holiday knitting frenzy! Check this out:

For more than just snippets, check out the Ravelry pages for these lovelies.

Keep on the lookout for elf costume photos. At school, the last day before break, all the seniors dress up as elves. I’m planning a fairly…nonstandard one, shall we say. ;)