STITCHES! Yeah, we went. Again. I think that’s the fifth or sixth year in a row. And guess what? This year, Rick Mondragon (flamboyantly gay and rather gross editor of Knitters’ Magazine – no, I’m not a homophobe, I promise – he is just gross, making really sick jokes and stuff) actually remembered me, despite my having been in the student fashion show every year I’ve been there and even winning the $100 Editor’s Choice one year! *sigh*

Well, can you guess what I showed at the fashion show?!

Yeah, I FINALLY finished that mystery shawl. And it’s gorgeous!

The color’s best in the first one. Specs:

Pattern: Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl – Mandala

Needles: US 3, Addi lace needles (wonderful contraptions, them)

Yarn: Helen’s Lace by Lorna’s Laces, about 2.2 skeins or so

Now I’m starting other gift knitting, despite the temptation of the two (yes, only two!) projects’ worth of yarn for myself I got at Stitches:

Manos silk blend for a scarf like this:

And Habu for a simple pullover thing:

Yeah, apparently that’s enough. Incredible, huh?

Classes? Heck yes!

Friday: Argyle Socks in the Round with Suzann Thompson – really fun and a pretty nifty technique to make seamless argyles, although a bit tedious. Product:

I gave it to my mom as a glasses case because she forgot hers and was using a sock that she brought to wear on a foot…and I knew I was never going to make the other one of these because the proportions are all weird and it would never fit anybody. Plus, the gauge is a bit wonky.

Saturday: Lapland Hand Garments with Susanna Hansson (who is a wonderful teacher and hilarious) – seriously cool and gorgeous technique, but really frustrating for me because of the tiny needles making my hands and wrists really sore and giving me a headache. I didn’t get very far on this project:

But it was supposed to look like this:

And now back to the frenzy of homework, college apps, and hopefully finishing that Intel application in time…

P.S. This was the assignment from my glass teacher for missing class:


Even though it was a total lie. :D