Because right now, my life has been TAKEN OVER by college. Which isn’t to say I haven’t been knitting. It’s just not terribly prolific and I haven’t had time to take pictures. I’m about a third of the way through the edging on the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl, and I PROMISE I’ll post pictures of that once I finish (and it’s for a Christmas present, so I have to). I’ve got some plans for other giftly knitting, and still have to put my Halloween costume for the school parade (bag of jellybeans, idea courtesy of my cousin).

As far as college apps go, they are progressing. My early action application paperworky stuff is all done, but I haven’t submitted it yet because I’m hoping to get a violin recording together as well as my paper from my internship this summer. I have an essay I adore (about knitting, of course!), and one that I’m pretty happy with. My overall list is down to 12 schools, which isn’t bad, but I’d like to whittle it a bit further.

Stress has not been treating me kindly, however. I’m sick for the second time this school year already, you could probably find the Big Dipper on my forehead, and even when I get 9 hours of sleep, I’m still tired the next day. I can’t WAIT until this is over.

Sorry, that was rather glum. I’m not actually as down-on-myself as I sound, although I am freaking stressed. This morning, I was going to practice violin, but then realized I’d left it in my mom’s car and she was at Sunday School with my sister. Then I was going to work on my internship paper, but I couldn’t because I’d already sent off the latest version to my advisor and he hasn’t sent it back yet. I was going to do homework but I left my backpack at school after the concert yesterday so I don’t know what the Spanish essay topic was, and that’s all I had left. So without any work to do, I was aimless. What did I do with my free time again? But then I remembered – I could work on my college list. So after poring over three books, one magazine, and infinite Google searches for an hour…I cut one school off the list.

Advice to juniors out there: Start preparing junior year, or at least the summer between junior and senior year. SERIOUSLY. Everyone told me to, but I didn’t. Now I’m paying bigtime.