Yep. School.

But first, an aside for mystery shawl progress! I believe these pictures are quite impressive, considering they were taken in a moving car. :)

And…back to schooly stuff now. We got back from our vacation in Acadia National Park yesterday (hence the moving car pics), which was fun but really tiring. I’m oddly content with school starting – usually I’m in agony that the summer’s over, but I guess one perk of not really having a summer because you were working full time is that you never really got used to lazing about and the transition back to school isn’t painful. I will now make a nerdy list two nerdy lists. So – in no particular order…

Things I’m looking forward to:

  1. Tennis team
  2. Seeing my friends every day again
  3. Ski club with lots of friends…including a certain someone
  4. Being a senior and generally ruling the school
  5. Scottish Exchange!
  6. Interesting classes, almost all of which I’m taking because I chose them!
  7. Having a driver’s license, meaning I can actually get places even if nobody will take me!
  8. Stitches East!!!

Things I’m not really looking forward to:

  1. Bitchy tennis teammates, except for two of them
  2. The crapload of homework I’m bringing upon myself by taking four AP’s among other things
  3. College applications and decisions
  4. Finishing my (20-PAGE!) report on my project from working at the lab this summer
  5. Driving, especially if chauffering siblings

Ta ta for now!