My sister recently introduced me to the failblog, a hilarious site with all sorts of ‘fail,’ ‘pwned,’ etc. moments. Here’s today’s – briliant!

By the way, I have been alive and knitting. My Ravelympics project (Colinette Absolutely Fabulous Throw kit) is turning out not to be as big a challenge as I thought – I’m over halfway done already. I think I’ll tack some other stuff onto the end – like finish at least through Clue 4 of my mystery shawl or something.

Work has been interesting. We’ve (meaning my friends there and I) been ‘sprucing up our nerd den,’ as we call it. Phrase inspired by this, if you’re curious. We made a ‘garland’ out of a chain of paper clips and hung it in our cubicle, tacked up 24 cards all over one panel, and picked some flowers, stuck them in a water bottle, covered the water bottle with masking tape, and wrote ‘pretty flowers’ on it with an arrow. I think that last one merits a picture, albeit a crappy cellphone one:

Oh yeah, and I have been working a bit at work, too. Even though it’s very challening to fight my Sporcle addiction to do so. I can list all 118 elements on the Periodic Table now! Working on being able to do them in numerical order. I can list every thing mentioned in ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’ in order, though. *begins to hum*