I’m kind of sad to bump that meme off the top of the page; it looked really nice. Ah well. Also, this is probably sounding familiar by now, but there has indeed been knitting (not as much as usual because of the whole working-full-time thing, but still some), but not so many pictures. I finished one old UFO that I’ll probably write up the pattern for, and there’s another design sort of simmering in the back of my head that has a few sketches/charts/swatches, but not too much actual progress yet. But in general, the knitting content will probably be a bit slowed this summer due to The Job. Which got more interesting as the week went on, by the way. At the beginning we were all being bored out of our skulls by various required orientations.

On to the actual post…

I was thinking today about what other uninitiated folks my age might think of my knitting. I know my age group, possibly second only to male knitters, probably get the most comments about being knitters, positive or otherwise (kudos to male teenage knitters by the way, of whom I know at least one or two, although not in person). And I’m cool with that. I like being funky or quirky or whatever you want to call it. But I’m also curious about what they’re actually thinking. So I tried to come up with some parallel, some analogical (probably not a word) craft/activity that I don’t partake in but others do and see what I think of that for comparison. But I couldn’t really think of anything. I mean, something that’s so ubiquitous in someone’s life – not like a sport where there’re set times for it and other times you might be thinking of it, but not actually doing it. I mean, I knit all the time. While watching TV, on the bus, in class, you name it. So I thought of other things I’ve seen people do in class – I don’t think biting nails, texting (which is really the newer version of passing notes), sleeping, or staring into space really count. I guess drawing/sketching could come close, but that you pretty much need to look at, unless you’re doing that annoying art class exercise.

So I basically drew a blank. I couldn’t think of any similar pastime, and I still don’t know what ‘they’ think of ‘us.’ Thoughts?