So, we’ll start off with a slightly sad fact: School ended Monday (NOT sad), BUT I was there Tuesday almost all day for the benefit concert, I was there today to get my final grades, and I will be there tomorrow for graduation – my friend got me a ticket. I guess I just can’t get enough of the place. And today, after we got out grades, Alethia’s other half and I played Scrabble using my Comp Sci project for a good twenty minutes. In case anybody wasn’t completely sure we were utter nerds already.

And continuing with that theme, see what my physics class made:

This was a good few weeks of our year after the AP exam. For most of it, our teacher was trying to teach us particle physics, but we worked on this monster every spare moment. It was alternately hilarious and the most frustrating thing I’ve ever laid hands on. But ultimately rewarding, as the last 20 seconds of the video will show. Listen hard to hear the easy button at the end – the flying kookaburra triggers it.

Oh yeah – and ‘Fly Like an Eagle’ came up on random shuffle when we were filming that. Call it fate.

P.S. My mom and I went on a short (aka 11 mile) bike ride today, and I SMOKED her. It was cool – I think the music helps. I <3 my new Shuffle.

P.P.S. Regarding bike ride, we still haven’t gotten the pictures developed, but I hope they’re magnificent and I can post them. Also, I haven’t forgotten about the contest! Well, okay, I did for awhile. Unfortunately, we didn’t even make it to the first drawing, so I’ll have to see if my mom still wants to part with that exquisite skein. She probably will, but I need to check. There will certainly be a drawing for everyone whom was promised one, though! Fear not!

ETA: Okay, so it HAS to be a secret conspiracy. Turns out I have to go to school tomorrow TOO, to get my work papers for my job this summer.