Sorry it’s been so long – I’m finally resurfacing from finals. I have one left, but it’s no big deal. I’m basically done! Gloriosity!


We biked. Around Lake Tahoe. It was intense. I don’t have any pictures from the ride yet, because we used disposable cameras and I haven’t finished it yet. But it was breathtaking. It SO made the 7-mile climb starting at mile 80 worth it when you came around a corner and saw this incredible view of this gorgeous lake. Here’s my helmet:

And here was me:

And then after we finished, I ran into a parked car. We had these giant buffalo on our helmets (because the rest of our chapter is from Buffalo…) and I was trying to copy our coach and duck under a rope hanging maybe five feet high while on my bike, and I veered to the side. Only there was no space to veer. So I crashed and left a big scratch down the side of a black SUV. The people were standing right behind it loading the trunk, too – and they didn’t notice until I called to them!

Me, lying on ground beneath bike, trying not to sob: Excuse me – I’m really sorry, I just ran into your car!

Them: Oh, it’s a rental – we won’t tell if you won’t. Are you okay?

Me: *sigh of relief and pain*

I was rather scraped up. But my bike computer still only said 99.75 miles when we got back to the hotel, so I rode in circles on the sidewalk until it said 100. You can’t work all day not to get that satisfaction! Here was my bike shoe after:


Oh, and another story from that. One guy on our team is a pastor, probably about 60 years old. His wife has lymphoma, and she actually had a relapse during our training. During the ride, he crashed going downhill at twentysomething miles per hour. The medical team had to pick him up – he even cracked his helmet. But after they fixed him up, he got back on the course and finished – 7-mile climb and all! He had been talking earlier about how he talked to teens and was disappointed to find that when he asked them who their heroes were, they were inevitably some actor or athlete – someone who makes a lot of money and lives glamorously. I told him after the ride (and I usually don’t say stuff like this out loud, so it took a bit of courage, mind you) that he was more of a hero than any of those people. Because it’s so true.

Oh yeah, and my birthday is tomorrow! But my dad is out of town, so we did the ‘family celebration’ yesterday. We went out for hibachi, which was fun – but it was a bad day for it. It’s obscenely hot. So we pretty much sweltered in front of towers of flame wondering when we could return to the air-conditioned car…but the food was good! And then we went home – my mom had made me strawberry shortcake! – and I got the family presents. Got some sweet loot:

  • iTunes card
  • an iPod shuffle! (for running and such) And a ‘puck’ case for it.
  • three shirts – a biking one and two T-shirts, one biking-related (this one if anybody’s curious)
  • A Life is Good keyring – to which I promptly transferred my (lonely – I hopefully get car copies when I pass my road test!) key and other paraphernalia
  • A book of short stories about time travel
  • KnitPicks interchangeable needles!!! As well as stitch markers and a new set of cable needles – the two knitting artifacts I never fail to lose.
  • that reference thingie that tells you how much yarn of various gauges you need for stuff
  • a book of Japanese knitting patterns…I’m going to need some help reading those…but they’re pretty neat.

And then tomorrow – on my birthday, when it’s supposed to be over 90 degrees – we’re biking 40 miles. We signed up awhile ago – we knew we’d be in shape from the century ride. But I’ve done basically nothing athletic all week because of finals. And we just got our bikes back (they had to ride back cross-country in a truck) today…so that should be interesting…

And finally, I’ve resumed the lace scarf I started on the NYC trip, and I’m almost done with the Prom Socks. Pictures will come…at some point.