P.P.S.: Another box appeared in my sidebar…box of ambisiosity. Probably not a word.

P.S.: I entered a contest. All you have to do to enter is measure your hands so Knitasaur can design some sweet gloves, and you get a chance to win yarn! And please say I sent you!

Wow, I haven’t done a real post in awhile. With AP’s, biking, and the violin recital, I have had little to no time.

First off – some FO’s:

Pattern: Braided Neckpiece by Teva Durham, from her book, Loop-d-Loop (ravelry link)
Yarn: My mom’s handspun BFL
Needles: 9, I think…
Mods: My gauge was 3.5 instead of 3 so I had to add a few stitches to everything
Comments: I love how it turned out, but the woven part was a bit tedious – lots of ends to weave in…
Also, I’m really proud of that first photo. I’ve been drooling over brooklyntweed‘s photography, and actually asked him advice awhile ago – I think this is the closest to his caliber I’ve ever gotten. :D (the second photo’s just to have some idea what it looks like on a real human)

Incidentally, it’s also a good cat sleeping bag.

Pattern: Lucy Bag from Two Old Bags (ravelry link)
Yarn: Harrisville somethingorother
Needle: 10
Mods: None
Comments: As evidenced by the fact that this is the second one I’ve made – I really like this pattern.

(this one’s mainly because you can see my new haircut, which I really like)

Pattern: My own, general vicinity of stitch numbers obtained from Sweater Wizard
Yarn: Nashua Creative Focus Brushed Alpaca
Needle: 4, maybe?
Comments: It’s a bit scratchy – hopefully that will be remedied by blocking. But it’s also a bit small. My sister might end up wearing this more than I do.

(we had fun photographing this one…)

Pattern: Chain Link Scarf by Teva Durham from Loop-d-Loop (ravelry link)
Mods: I did each loop in a different stitch instead of all stockinette, also I have no idea if I used the same number of stitches as she called for in any case
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Angora
Needle: 7? I should keep better track of these things – it’d be good to know what needle I used for various yarns…
Comments: Angora…soooffffft…

All of these except for the sweater will be possible prizes at a raffle tonight at my brother’s recital to support our bike ride. We did the same at my recital on Friday and raised over $200!

‘K, now that I’ve finally posted all those…Oh, but there will be more! I’ve vowed to myself that from now until I have many fewer UFO’s/WIP’s than currently, I will finish at least two of them for every one new project I start. I call this endeavor The Finishing…sounds dramatic. I hope to have significantly reduced the pile by the end of the summer. And for awhile, there will be lots of FO’s because I’ve realized I have a TON of almost-FO’s. At least two scarves and some hats, among other things. Because those are the kind of things I start on a whim when I need a project to do doing a movie or something.

Anyways, my life…AP’s are done! Finals approach, but not too quickly. My violin recital went really well. I’m biking a lot. Oh yeah, and my sister, two of my friends, and I were a trivia bowl team yesterday and we came in second to win movie tickets! And that’s the Cliffsnotes version.