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And now back to our regularly scheduled blog post…
I’m off for most of this week, driving around New England and visiting colleges. I’ll hopefully remember to take pictures and notes so I don’t mix them all up…seeya!

EDIT: I was tagged! By Survival of the Knittest, to be exact. It’s the ‘seven weird things’ meme again. I’m never good at coming up with interesting stuff for this, but here goes anyway.

  1. I have recently been realizing that it is possible to be good at something but HATE it. Examples: standardized tests, history
  2. I should be doing my monstrous pile of break work right now. MONSTROUS!
  3. ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ is playing on Pandora right now…
  4. I have an HP laptop, but REALLY want a Mac – despite being slightly screwed over on the whole iPhone thing (I got one soon after it came out, then they cut the price, and now there’s a new one coming out soon and I’m thinking I should’ve waited for that or just gotten a new iPod and a cell phone that’s smaller and I could put in a ski jacket without worrying…alas).
  5. I just found a knitting needle, row counter, pen, battery, and the back to my booklight inside the couch.
  6. Last night, I went to bed, and slept until I woke up. It was very exciting. In a sleepy sort of way.
  7. I have a bad habit of when I make cookies, eating so much dough I make myself sick. It’s just so tasty!!

EDIT again: I forgot to tag more people! Here goes…