My first contest! I’ve created a WP-page for it here, but below is exactly what it says.

Yep…it’s my first contest! My mom and I are co-running this to support our efforts for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – scary thought: We’re supposed to have all the $9,600 in about a month, and we’re only about a third of the way! So, inspired by Stitchcounter‘s contest, we’re running one, too.

What is this stuff you will win, you might ask? Welllll…yarn, of course! (this contest functions as a nice destash for us, too) Here’s the outline:

  • For donating $10, your name will go in the figurative ‘hat’ once.
  • If you mention this contest on your blog and link to it, you get another entry (yes, you have to donate first, but feel free to mention it anyway. You’ll still win good karma!).
  • For donating, $50, your name will go in the hat six times for being so generous!
  • If some kind soul out there donates $100, they automatically win!
  • Otherwise, after each $100 donated, a drawing will happen and whoever wins will get the yarn – for teen readers out there, this obviously means you’ll have to provide me with your address, so keep any parental-imposed limitations on that front in mind.
  • Every once in awhile, assuming I remember, everyone who’s donated and hasn’t won anything will get thrown into a drawing for some more yarn!
  • If you donate, email me at fiberfiend6891 AT gmail DOT com with your full name (or whatever name you used when donating). If you win, I’ll email you for your address.
  • Remember donations are tax deductible and support a great cause!


Current Yarn up for Grabs:

Past Winners
(List will go here)