Only in New York, right?

Anyway – the trip was pure fantabulosity. And, as promised, I have many pictures. Not as promised, I haven’t yet finished the raglan. But there was knitting accomplished on the trip! More on that later.

First we went to MoMa…that floor was sooo cool…

And I was easily amused in the store…

A face…on a fly swatter.

And salt and pepper shakers that WON’T fall over, no matter WHAT you do.

That night, we went to the opera. We had horrible seats though, because it’s so expensive, so the actual show wasn’t that amazing for us. Also, we got back into the hotel past midnight, and because it does take a certain amount of noise to unpack even just enough to go to bed, we got complaints about being ‘rowdy teenagers’ and crap. Ah well.

The next day, we arose bright and early and went to the Tenement Museum, which is really cool but I had already seen, so was pretty boring for me. Then we went to South Street Seaport, which was really fun. We checked out random stores, had lunch, and I found this thing:

Alethia’s hat had to be involved somehow. Here’s a movie of it:

It was sooo fun. For dinner that night, we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, where the waitstaff sing and jump up on tables and stuff, so that was fun. Then we went to Blue Man Group, which was AMAZING! I got my ticket autographed…

The last day, we spent the morning wandering about Manhattan, and then we went home. Here are some other pics from the wanderage:

The bottom right is actually from the opera.

And my foray into lace was a success! Here’s what I accomplished, along with some other boring and not picture-worthy knitting (yet) over many hours of bus ride. Granted, I also played MarioKart and did other less productive and wholesome things, too…

The only obscenity about this lace is that it involves knitting SEVEN stitches together at several points.

Needless to say, I’m completely exhausted, but still have to teach and then volunteer at the school auction tonight. Then tomorrow, I have an interview for a summer internship (hope I get it!!), I might go snowboarding, and then I have rehearsal for the violin improv trip I’m leaving for this Friday. Does sleep come into the picture anywhere?

P.S. My Google Reader had 56 posts when I got home, and I’m still crawling through them – so I might not have read everyone’s latest yet.