I’m sick. AGAIN. All the fluey stuff was almost gone…and then I got this cold thingy, which is cough, stuffy/runny nose, headache, little fevers, and throat exploding every time I swallow. It SUCKS. So how can I still be having a good day, you ask? Well…

  • I got my SAT scores, and got a 2290! HuzZAH! I’m never taking them again!
  • This weekend is a 3-day weekend!
  • We’re closing in on 25% of our TNT fundraising goal. This is good because that means they won’t charge my mom’s credit card, but also intimidating, because it feels like we’ve done a lot of work to only be a quarter of the way there…so please donate, everybody!
  • And awesomest of all…Lime and Violet featured my Mutant Bunny Hat in a blog post! They called it ‘most fashionable bunny-featuring spring knit.’ :D This is really exciting for me, though – I mean, they’re practically famous! As evidenced by today’s blog stats…

We’ve got a spinning (like biking, not yarn) class this evening, though, which I’m NOT looking forward to, what with barely being able to breath out my nose, feeling my heartbeat pounding my ears from just walking up stairs, and my throat hurting. Urgh.