Do they become disgruntled?

-joke courtesy of my friend. I thought it was funny.

Anyway, happy Pi Day, everyone! Have some pie:

Yeah, I prefer apple, too. Or carrot. But this’ll do.

Anyways…yarny stuff! An LYS is having a moving sale, and despite only intending to buy two skeins, I was coerced into buying a sweater’s worth of gorgeous Silky Wool, the color of which reminds me of the famous Tuareg of mmmmalabrigo. Doesn’t it look similar?

It was truly challenging to even begin to capture the true glory of this color. Especially when you get a sweater’s worth for under $60! AND when your mom pays because she knows you’ll let her steal it sometimes!

Also, a sleeve!

The second one is going more quickly because I’m copying my previous shaping rather than figuring it out. I’m getting pretty sick of this sweater and have sooo many cool projects lined up, that I really want to finish it soon…

Team in Training goes decently well…although we had to ask for an extension on our fundraising – 25% of the funds were supposed to be in by today, but we got a one-week extension. It’s still going to be tight if we even make it, so I again implore you or anybody you know to please donate! (Link in sidebar) We sent out about a bajillion letters and I’m selling doughnuts at school to raise money, but it’s still coming fairly slowly compared to the total whopping $9,600 we need to get in the end. I think we’re a bit over $1,000 at the moment, and we need $2,400 by next Friday. Agh!