You may or may not have noticed my sidebar post about what a hectic weekend I was going to have. Well, it turned out to be only about half that hectic – I hadn’t been sick since the start of the school year, and I woke up Saturday morning (SAT day!) with a cough like somebody was rubbing sandpaper down my throat. I went and took the SAT, which was interesting since you’re not allowed to drink anything in the testing room and I kept coughing, but that was okay, and then I taught my class. By that evening, I was developing a fever, and the next day, I awoke bright and early, hoping to be well enough to go on the ski trip, but instead vomitting all over my floor before even getting out of bed!

Just a heads-up: the flu SUCKS. I stayed home from school Monday, felt like I should have Tuesday, and am finally startingto feel a bit better today, although the painful cough remains, and if I haven’t had any Advil/Tylenol/whatever, I still get the feverish chills. But at least I’m not so dizzy I think I’ll fall over every time I stand up. And my mom says we can probably ski/snowboard this weekend if the weather’s good enough to make up for missing the trip.

What I’m not looking forward to is starting to bike/go to spinning classes again – I suspect that by the time I do so, it will have been a week or more and it’s remarkable how out of shape one can get in a week…*sigh*

Oh, and check out this blog post – a blogiversary contest to post your favorite desert!

Sorry for the lack of pictures or knitting content in this post, but I barely knit while I was sick. I’m (again) almost done with the first sleeve on the Nashua sweater, although I’ve ripped it out at least three times now, so who knows if it’ll work this time…?