I’m back from the ski trip, and it was awesome! As all ski trips inevitably are, of course. I had (term stolen from Yarn Harlot) camnesia for most of the trip, coupled with an unwillingness to bring the camera on the actual slopes with me, so there are but a few pictures…

We stayed in the charming Garnet Hill Lodge, in a building called The Birches – so named presumably for the birch trees surrounding it.

There was fine dining there (the highlight of which was the deserts…homemade pies…strawberry shortcake…)…

The first day of skiing was pretty grungly (word invented by my sister), because it was a ridiculous 45 degrees outside…wet snow is icky. But then it got a TON colder, so they could make snow, and conditions rapidly improved over the next three days, although the last half-day we skied (yesterday) was obscenely cold (something like 5 degrees, I think, with a windchill below zero), almost to the point of unpleasantness unless one was constantly moving and had plenty of breaks. I did some snowboarding and skiing, and am well-bruised now. Mostly from the snowboarding, but there was one memorable skiing fall off of a funbox. Why do I let my brother convince me to try these things?

On the way back, I saw this in a convenience store, which I found amusing:


I think I had something else to say, but I can’t remember, so that only leaves my tag from AJ to post seven interesting/unusual/weird/random things about myself. Here goes:

  1. I lovelovelove puzzles of almost any type. My favorites include NYT crosswords, sudoku, killer sudoku (sort of a cross between sudoku and kakuro), kakuro, and logic puzzles.
  2. I can’t STAND pompous people. As a corollary, if someone even implies that I’m bragging/stuck-up/anything of that nature, I am very offended.
  3. I don’t get embarrassed very easily – I do, however, laugh at myself a healthy amount. I suppose that here I should tell the story of one moment that embarrassed even me. Back in the horror days of Hebrew school, I used to carpool with my friend. One day, leaving temple, I saw her dad’s car, so I walked down, assuming she was following me, and jumped in. It wasn’t until I had closed the door, buckled my seatbelt, and greeted her father that I realized that it wasn’t her dad’s car at all, but had a man in the front seat that I’d never seen in my life. I muttered something to him, leapt out of the car, and ran back up to hiss at my laughing friend for not stopping me.
  4. I tend to be very shy around new people. With my friends/family, I often can’t shut up, but if talking to someone for the first time, I find it very difficult to start a conversation.
  5. I like making turkey and mayo sandwiches and adding those little hot cinnamon candies. It tastes really good. I also dip my fish sticks in cottage cheese with paprika. Yeeeah.
  6. I can be a little bit OCD sometimes. I’m particular about where I sit (but only in some situations), and occassionally about symmetry. For example, if I’m sitting in a car at night, I hate it when a car goes by in the other direction and the headlights shine more in my left eye than my right.
  7. My favorite color is green – almost any shade of green, but especially sage green or olive green.

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