Today I taught the second class of the second session of my kids’ class at my LYS. There’s only one girl enrolled this time, but it’s pretty fun – she caught on really fast and has already made two feet of scarf and learned to purl! Also, said LYS was having a sale, and there was the typical atmosphere: more crowded than usual, and people scattered on the floor amidst large piles of yarn, agonizing over colors. I myself got some Silky Wool at a lovely $3 per skein!

I think it will become herringbone mitts (Ravelry link) and the leftover reddish some kind of scarf like this, this, this, this (yes, I KNOW that’s not a scarf), this, or this. Those are all Ravelry links, as well. Any preferences/new suggestions? The yarn in the picture is all I have, so there’ll probably be 1.5ish skeins of the red left for the scarf/whatever. And yes, I know I’ll have to fudge the cast-on number and/or length. ;)

DANG, finding all those links makes me reallyreallyreally want to start these…I think my goal will be to finish the sweater by the end of break so I can (sorta) justify starting something. I mean, not that I don’t have a bajillion WIP’s or anything…

But truly, one could never find a place where a sixteen-year-old girl would be treated so nicely by middle-aged women than at a yarn store when they can tell she’s really ‘into it.’ As I wandered the sale before my student arrived, I had so many genuinely pleasant conversations with people I would certainly never talk to in a supermarket.

Basically, today was a nice day. :)

P.S. I’m (hopefully – I’ve heard the sales are CRAZY) going to buy this when Dee at Posh Yarn updates her store tomorrow:

(it’s sock yarn)

Isn’t it GORGEOUS? And it’s 70% merino, 30% CASHMERE…*drools, careful not to hit the yarn*

P.P.S: We’re leaving early on Monday for our ski/snowboard trip and won’t be back ’til Thursday evening, so don’t expect to hear from me!

P.P.P.S (I SWEAR it’s the last one): How awesome is this bag? I reallyreally want it (it’d be the COOLEST knitting bag EVER), but it’s kinda expensive ($72, which isn’t bad for a really nice bag, but is a lot for me, and I already have plenty of bags…).