The windchill this morning (they tell us – I haven’t been outside) was -25! Yes, Fahrenheit. They cancelled school! My alarm had already gone off, and I couldn’t get back to sleep after my mom came in and told me to – I was too excited! So I got up, browsed Ravelry, etc. for awhile, practiced violin, and exercised in the basement for half an hour. I was done with my duties! Now we’re chilling out – playing games, listening to music…we’re going to cook some apple muffins later. What a sweet day. And there are only 4 days of school until February break, during which we’re going to Gore Mountain! I’m reallyreallyreally psyched.

And now some WIP’s for you:

The nashua raglan continues…this picture is actually a bit out of date – the left sleeve is almost done now. And the picture also kinda sucks. But there you have it anyway:

I was very impressed with the yardage on this stuff – I finished the whole torso and hadn’t yet finished the first balls of any of my three colors. I wasn’t so impressed with the packaging – they look like center pull balls, but upon pulling from the center, pretty much completely disintegrate into a tangled mess, which is irritating to say the least. So I’ve had to wind all of it into normal balls.

Here’s a weird WIP(ish) from yesterday – I found this cute pattern through Ravelry (here it is there), and after finishing my HAT ATTACK weapon (see below), decided to try it with the leftover yarn from that, since it seemed feltable. But I got carried away and ended up doing one each out of nine different yarns. That’s eighteen little hearts! They came out lovely, though, even though I haven’t sewn any of them together yet due to a lack of polyfill and a hatred of sewing. Unfortunately, the cat (or perhaps the dog) found the fuzzy alpaca ones delicious, as those two had disappeared from the table by morning. So now there are sixteen…here’s a pre-felting picture of the pile:

…and post-felting (but not all of them):

Aren’t they cute? I have no idea what I’m going to do with them, I just felt compelled to make them by the cuteness.

And here’s my HAT ATTACK weapon, which was mailed this morning:

The first picture is more color-accurate. Unfortunately, I also happen to know that my assassin mailed her (my, actually) hat out today, so I’ll probably be dead before getting the WIP back from my target. Ah well. It was quite an enjoyable knit, and I’m definitely looking forward to future similar things!