So on Monday (MLK day), my friend Saedi and I went snowboarding before the swim meet. We were soooo sore afterwards, and I could barely lift my legs afterwards.

So what did I do, you ask?

I bought a snowboard today! We had a blast, and I was using my mom’s snowboard (which is significantly better than my foam piece of crap) and I made a ton of progress (I only fell 5ish times on our last run, as compared to at least a dozen the first time we left the bunny hill). And my mom offered to pay for half of it – plus the store was having a sale! So I’m only going to have to pay $125 or so, which is pretty good for half a snowboard. I’m pretty excited to try this thing out, and irritated that I have to miss the next two ski clubs because of swim meets (and I missed the last one – darn close meets!). I can’t WAIT until swimming ends…

Anyway, here’s a pretty close-up picture of the board. By the way, the main part is really a dark navy blue sort of color, not black like it came out.

Aaaand…*drumroll, please*…An FO! I finished my Manos sweater, and only used about half of the KILO of yarn! I hear that stuff felts really well, so I shall be playing with that. Anyways, here are some pictures for you all:

As you can see, the variegated yarn pooled a bit on the sleeves, but not enough to bother me. Originally, I thought the whole sweater had come out too small because the sleeves were tight, but I realized that if I wore a thinner shirt underneath, it was perfectly comfy. I wore it all day today. :)

And finally, my WIP! Another raglan, this time out of some fuzzywuzzy Nashua alpaca. I’m hoping for it to be a close-fitting sort of thing that you’d wear over a cami – anticipating it getting nice and soft and cushy when washed. So we’ll see. But here are a few pics. The bluish one is actually more of a sage green, but it changed a lot in the photo…