So I dropped off Alethia’s gloves the other day, and she gave me malabrigo! It wasn’t a total surprise, since I had told her I wanted some, but it was certainly welcome.


Our nanny, Renee (REE-nee (short for Lorene), not ri-NAY :P ), has worked for my parents since I was 6 months old, so at this point, she’s more of an adopted grandmother. Every year since I remember, we’ve slept over at her house sometime before Christmas and trimmed her tree. (Yes, even though we’re Jewish.) We went this past Sunday, and, Renee being Renee, she gave us gifts. I got to pick out a watch I wanted (mine’s falling apart), so this one’s on its way:

She also gave me some very cozy socks and a pair of pants.

Apologies for the horrible photo, my camera was dying.

Then, we went skiing on Christmas. Both my siblings forgot sweatshirts (how do you forget a sweatshirt when skiing?!), so we made a pitstop in the shop and my mom got them each one. While they were picking them out, I was trying on a very cozy one just for fun, but then she bought it for me! She said I shouldn’t be penalized for remembering my sweatshirt, but I think she just liked it and wants to steal it sometimes.

It’s very cozy. Quite.

On that same trip, I fell rather hard on my snowboard onto a locked wrist. OUCH. It still hurts today and my mom says I could’ve broken one of the teensy bones in my wrist, even though I can still move it and it only hurts a little when I’m not moving it, so I might get it X-rayed in a few days if it doesn’t stop hurting. At swim practice today, when I tried to explain to the assistant coach about it to imply that I might not be at 100% during practice, she was really obnoxious. She said, “I have no pity for you. You were doing another sport during swim season.” Come ON! If she thinks I’ll give up skiing/boarding for swimming, she’s got another think coming. And she and the head coach will probably both flip out, but if ski club conflicts with any swim meets, ski club comes first. I mean, a) skiing’s WAY more fun, and b) My parents already paid for it! Thanks to reason (b), my parents are on my side and will support me if coach gets really pissy. But gragh. I almost hope something is broken just so I can wave it in the assistant coach’s face!

And, after ripping out ears entirely too many times, the mutant 3-eared bunny hat is finally almost done! I’m definitely writing a pattern, but I’m pretty bad at explaining stuff, so I think I’ll include some videos of how the heck I’m doing it…

Ta ta for now!