That is right, folks. I finished NaNoWriMo! On the last day. Check out my little icon to the left (actually on a different page now since moving to WordPress). :D

In addition, my mystery project (which katherine correctly guessed was wristwarmer-thingies and so is no longer a mystery) is coming aong quite well, despite my having ripped it out at least partway about five times by now. I am nearly done with the first one, and once I have figured out how that goes, the second one will be much faster. When I finish, the pattern shall be posted.

You also may have noticed that my grammar in this post has been somewhat formal-sounding. This is because, for some odd reason, I am unable to use contractions at the moment, due to the fact that the apostrophe key on my keyboard keeps taking me to quick search instead of creating an apostrophe in the window. The same is true for the slash. It is like Firefox does not want to acknowledge that I am typing or something…I do not know. It is most irritating.

EDIT: Apostrophe problem seems to have fixed itself. Now I’ll be able to use words like ‘I’ll’ again! :P