So after ripping out my poor Jaywalkers, I first started some comfort knitting, which was a chain link scarf out of some lovely Elsebeth Lavold Angora:

But then we drew names for our (nondenominational!) Secret Snowmen on swim team, and I decided I wanted to knit something for my person. I decided what I wanted to make, and picked a yarn, and then looked through several hundred patterns (mostly on Ravelry), but none worked with the yarn and looked nice. So I decided to design something. I’ve also decided I like it so far, and will write up the pattern later. But, for whatever reason, I’ve decided not to tell you what it is. But here are pictures:

And this, unlike the two other patterns I’ve posted, I plan on this being an actual pattern! Like, a pattern that contains instructions such as ‘k6, p2, k3!’ You will be very proud of me. I know it. If anybody’s actually reading this, care to guess what it is I’m making?