I’ve been teaching a kids’ knitting class at a LYS near me – we worked out some sort of percentage agreement for payment that I didn’t pay much attention to since I was just thrilled to have a job. I got a bit worried when it turned out only four kids signed up for the class, and my mom started teasing me that I would get $5 for the whole thing or something. Well it turns out that whatever I agreed to comes out to $20 an hour!!! AND she’s going to pay me that for the extra class we’re adding on to the end even though the parents aren’t paying any more for it! I was flabbergasted. How many teens earn that much?? I’m so happy! Plus, she said I could probably do another session of classes and make it an ongoing thing. This is so fantabulous.

I also passed 21k on my NaNo today – I’m actually ahead, for the first time this week! Hurray! Between 500-word spurts, I’ve been allowing myself to waste time online for a bit – an effective motivational tactic, I’ve discovered. I’ve been browsing many online knitting patterns, so check out my Ravelry faves, which have grown quite suddenly yesterday and today. Except now I delude myself into thinking that this blog is any more than a diary currently – I really don’t think much of anybody is reading it. Ah well. It’s probably the longest diary I’ve ever kept… :P

On the not-quite-so-happy front, I have swimmer’s ear, which means my ears hurt all the time and I have to take these icky ear drops three times a day for a week. Not fun. And I haven’t had to swim since it got bad because I didn’t have a ride today, so I’m not so much looking forward to swim practice…Oh well.

Another sad thing…my sister’s hamster died yesterday. She was hysterical, and I remember when my guinea pig died how hard it was, and I cried with her. He was adorable, too. She’s been crying on and off all day today. They have a lifespan of two to three years, but he didn’t even live one, so obviously we were all really shocked. And my brother was totally insensitive about it, to the point where I started yelling at him. He’s such an idiot sometimes. *sigh*

Back on the bright side again, a 4-day week this week and a 2-day week next week, for Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving, respectively. Huzzah!