So after dinner, I was pondering how I really wanted some cookies. Then, I remembered that earlier in the week, my neighbor had called asking for WiFi help. I had told her that with swim team and all, I was really busy during the week, but that I could probably help her over the weekend. So I called her and she said to come on over. I reinstalled the wireless card on her husband’s laptop, and they were happy.
Jokingly, he said, “Pay the girl!”
Jokingly, I said, “Pay me in cookies. I’ve been craving them and was going to make some but we don’t have any butter.”
Five minutes later, I held in my hand a quart-size zip baggie full of cookies!
See title of post.

On the slightly more normal front, NaNo is going decently; I’m at about 15,000, which is about 1,500 words behind at the moment, but I’ll have lots of time over the 3-day weekend, and over Thanksgiving Break next week, so I’m not too worried.

For Ravelers, I finally felted my Lucy Bag, which had been hovering at 95% complete for a few days because I hadn’t yet. Then I decided it hadn’t felted enough so I felted it more. Now it’s done and I’m quite happy with it. So I’m working on some mittens that I got a free kit for at Stitches. Not this year – either last year or the year before, I don’t remember. They’re very very soft and they make me happy. Also, the kit claims I have enough for 3 pairs, but I have a hunch that I might be able to squeeze four out of it, which would be great for our sale.

Oh yeah, need to explain that – we (my mom and I) have, for the past few years, sold things we have knitted at the Chanukkah Bazaar at our temple and given the profits to a charity (such as the Humane Society or Heifer International), but because most of the things sold there are cheap plastic dreidels or acrylic fun fur scarves shoddily made by Sunday School teachers and we like to think that we are slightly classier, we decided to skip it this year and apply to a local crafts festival and sale for next year, where we can set appropriate prices. So anything on my Ravelry that says it’s for sale is for that, not for people to buy from me. ;)

The great things about selling stuff in general are:

  1. If we’re going to sell it, my mom will buy the yarn since we keep back materials costs at the sale.
  2. We can make things that have no specific recipient in mind.
  3. We donate the profits to a good cause!

The not-quite-so-great-but-still-tolerable thing is that for our table to not look all hodgepodgey, we’re thinking we should have a good number of some things so it’s not just 3 hats, 2 pairs of mittens, 2 purses, etc. which would be kind of unprofessional. So we have to make multiple similar things, which can get a bit boring. But that’s okay. Also, that’s why making a bunch of mittens is good – and I’ve been a mitten machine these past few days, churning out 1+ per day, relatively painlessly. i.e. without getting bored of it, as yet.

Well, that’s my life for now, and now we’re watching 2001: A Space Odyssey, so I bid thee farewell.